Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Breast Cancer Survivor-Pageants!

That's what I felt when I was handed with the pink sash stated "Breast Cancer Survivor"!

It was my first participation in this kind of event and I was very excited for the Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Charity Walk by Avon and eventually feel very proud to be one of the Breast Cancer Survivor-Pageants who joined the walk!

Don't look for me coz I was not there!
Photo by DC

Thanks to DC and Jess for the indirect invitation. :)

The event was held at Malaysia's famous federal administrative centre, Putrajaya on last Sunday (23 Sept 2012). Roads became a sea of pink as thousands flooded Presint 2 & 3 in pink t-shirts in support of the fight against breast cancer.

The 5km walk flag off at about 8.25am, after a Zumba dance warm up. It's impossible to 'rock' our body due to space limits! *sigh* 

Throughout the journey, we were entertained and cheered by eclectic mix of groups at each station. A total of 5 stations along the way.

Another 4km journey when we reached Station 2. We was like "What??" Hahahaha...

By the way, there were local idols and Avon celebrities joining the walk too. We managed to catch Soo Wincci, Intan Ladyana, Dato' Fazley and Dina. However, I only helped to take photos for Tunung with Soo Wincci and Intan Ladyana. I was actually hoping to catch Scha Alyahya, but no luck! Huhuhu..

Even though, it was getting hotter, Tunung and I made it as relax as possible. We chit-chat.. we took photos... and we finally made it after one and half an hour! *clap hands*

Breast cancer survivor who finished the walk will be handed with an umbrella!

Since we finished the walk a bit later, we missed the pink ribbon formation, a sharing by breast cancer survivor and presentation of donation cheques amounting to RM50,000 from Avon to Breast Cancer Welfare Association and Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation.

The event ended with a "Go Bald" session by Michael & Guys Hair Salon, in hopes to seek support from the public to understand how breast cancer patients feel when they lose their hair during treatment. DC was one of the brave men for the shaving session. Thanks DC! It meant so much for us - the survivors!

The only photo of us rite after the bald session
From left - me, DC and Tunung
Overall, it was indeed a successful event and everyone who participated for the walk is now apart of the Malaysia Book of Records for the Largest Participation Breast Cancer Charity Walk in Malaysia. *clap hands*

Everyone, please keep on spreading the breast cancer awareness! Pls remind each other to perform regular breast self examination for early detection of breast cancer! Trust me, prevention is better than to cure


  1. clap..clap..
    kalau ada di johor..sya pon mo join...

  2. 5km..jauh juga tu. Bestnya dapat ikut aktiviti begini kan. (^^)

  3. it was indeed a fun day for me to finally being able to meet you! haha

    you are a true hero just! *salute*

  4. Congrats! Klau ada di KK, sa pun p join juga :)

  5. si DC tia bawa sa.. Kamurang bejumpa sudah.. sa blum lagi.. T_T..

  6. Bersemangat saya bila nampak ko with the sash :D You're indeed a fighter. Way to go, Just!

  7. To be honest, i'm proud to have a friend just like you Just. You are like a pillar to women out there. I mean your strength reaches out to whole women tht really think you're really inspiring. :)

    GOD bless your journey of life. :)

  8. Siok kita berjalan sambil bercerita kan moy...hihihi :D

    P/S: Just posted mine :P

  9. U are a true heroine! And yes prevention is always better than cure1

  10. Congrat's Just..Bestkan dapat ikut aktiviti mcm nie...

  11. Ekina ~ hehehe.. ramai jg wakil avon dtg jauh2 for this event. :)

    Anne ~ jauh jg! baru 1km pun sia kapus2 sdh kunun. tp nda mau duduk rehat sbb kalau duduk trus nda man continue. hahaha.. tp mmg enjoy!

    DC ~ yeah.. finally kan?! org d kk ko p jumpa, org d kl susah betul mau jumpa kan. hehehe..

    Edith ~ tggu apa2 event lain lor.. :)

    Aki ~ hahaha... nnt kita atur aa Aki.. :)

  12. Annieming ~ thanks Annie! lama sia nda pakai sash owh! :)

    Stella ~ thanks Stella! Dari kita ja baitu mau lawan ka nda kan.. :)

    Tunung ~ iya!! selalu2 kita meet up moy! hihih..

    Jessy ~ thanks jess! :)

    Cindy ~ thanks cindy! :)

  13. Hi Just, I can really relate to whats happening to you as My mom is a breast cancer survivor too. I remeber how devasted we were when she was diagnosed and later going through the process of treatment and healing. But it made her a stronger person and she continued to encourage people to seek efforts to live from within themself to fight for this dreadful desease just like you did! You go girl! stumble upon your blog from a fellow blogger blog Annieming and so now Im going to be a fan of your blog too :)


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