Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello Kitty Town in Johor

If you plan to visit Legoland end of this year, you may want to consider visiting Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park as well coz it is just 10mins away from Legoland!!

The Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park consists Hello Kitty TownThe Little Big Club and Lat's Place.

To Hello Kitty's big fans.. you read me correctly! It will be the first Hello Kitty theme park outside Japan!! The theme park will be opening in Nov this year. Although I am not one of the big fans, somehow I feel the excitement too!

Admission fees will be RM50/adult for MyKad holder for each Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club. I'll suggest you to purchase 2 Park Pass which cost you only RM65/adult. 

Need to start saving for holidays!! Heee...

Till then, happy weekend!


  1. Thanks JUst.. I'm a big fan of Hello Kitty.. ha ha ha.. :D

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I am so gonna go there!!!!!

  3. That day we went legoland.. Lepas tu heading to hello kitty... Tapi still close.. Jalan raya pun close.. Uh huuu... Hihi

  4. Baru buka kah tu Just..? Bestnya klu dpt pi sana kan..heheh

  5. Haha, lucu c Aki. Sa pun bukan peminat Hello Kitty but this place is very interesting and cute!

  6. Aki ~ hahaha.. ya la tu!

    Stella ~ Hello Stella! Muahahaha..

    Zila ~ hahah.. boleh jer! ;p

    Angel Bear ~ one of the big fans laini kan?!

    CathJ ~ ya ka cath.. kena postpone kali kan..

    Julie ~ bln 11 kunun buka.. ntah la..

    Sis Mouren ~ hahahah... klu dpt free tiket msk lg excited kan sis! ngeh ngeh...

  7. Wa the price not bad. Hmmm, seems that a lot of attractions opening recently at Johor o kan. Good la, semua dekat sia hehee.

  8. silap price la dear.... kalau satu park is RM50... dua is RM85. =)

    jom pegi sama2!!!!!

  9. Girls will prefer Kitty House which is an iconic Hello Kitty house complete with living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen whereas boys will enjoy Black Wonder - a hi-tech interactive themed experience.


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