Monday, September 10, 2012

Jahit manik - completed after almost 3yrs!

During Merdeka's weekend, I spared time to clear the wardrobe. I have two boxes of seldom-wear clothings!

I decided to derma some of the baju and still keep some. 

And I found this baju kurung. The kain was actually one of the barang hantaran. I love the colour and the material.

Photo taken in Nov 2009 - before started the project

Then only I realize that I have unfinished mission! Wakakaka..

The project was initiated in Nov 2009! Phewwww...

I think it's time to complete the long-abandoned project. Kesian tu baju kurung tidak dapat kena pakai. Nasib baik ada kerajinan dan semangat yang tinggi! LOL

Eventually, I managed to complete it after a total of 3 hours. Break in between of coz! 

You notice the different? Hmmm... Perhaps the needle-handling and moods were no longer the same as before. Huhuhuu... Annoying?? Yess... Am still considering to unstitch the earlier work-done. Hmmm... 

I don't think I will start anything like this anymore in future. Bertahun mau kasi siap!! Hahaha... 


  1. Alala.. paling kelemahan ini buat kerja halus begini.Manik manik lagi ni. (^^)

  2. Eh.. notice something new on ur blog la.The shop banner.Like it.

  3. hehe...xpelah at least berjaya jugak u siapkan...

  4. Anne ~ sia try testing keterreran main2 sama tu manik baitu. hahahah... buat tu banner psl telampau free d opis. Hahahah..

    Lin ~ nasib baik siap dlm 3 thn. kalau lps 30thn?! Hahaha..


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