Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jalan-Jalan : Istana Negara

Let's continue our jalan-jalan after the quick visit to Muzium Tentera Udara last Monday.

Since Hubby wanna redeem his Parkson's voucher, we were thinking to go to KLCC. So we can have our lunch there too.

We were actually passing by the old Istana Negara (It was replaced by a new palace as the official residence of the King in 2011) and noticed there were quite a number of cars parking outside the entrance. I then recalled bout the Pameran Diraja

So, we decided to drop by! Hah!! Otherwise, I don't think we will make it in future.. Hee..

Enjoy the photos...

The main gate... There used to be the mounted royal guard with horse here!

Admission Fee only RM2/adult
Btw, the pameran is until 31 Dec 2012..

Jom masuk!

No shoes, umbrella, drinks and foods are allowed to enter the exhibition hall.
Pls leave them outside, at the provided rack.

The exhibition hall
Tidak juga la besar

Ini rupanya rupa bentuk MOHOR!

Lama tidak nyanyi lagu ni! heheheh..

13 acres ok!

The balairong seri

Lampu-lampuan yang mewah!

Since we are actually starving, we didn't stay long. It was another quick visit of the day before we headed to KLCC for lunch!

Wonder when is the next jalan-jalan pusing KL after this.. hehehe..


  1. owh... camtu dlm istana.. i pun tak penah masuk lagi... wahhh rajin betul u jalan2... :)

  2. oh.. ha ha ha... sa tia tau pun di mana tempat ni istana.. :D..

  3. JassNani ~ kebetulan lalu je.. tu yg singgah. pasni bleh la bw anak2 jalan2 msk istana. pameran sampai hjg thn.

    Aki ~ abis selalu kena limpas baini istana. tp dulu mana buli masuk. bila sdh buat istana baru, baru la dpt msk.

    Stel ~ kalau bkn pasal pindah istana last yr, mana buli msk ni istana ni. kami selalu limpas saja ni.

  4. wahh..mcm best ja ni...harus masuk dlm aktiviti klu mo dtg kl...

  5. Ekina ~ make sure dtg kl before end of yr. kalau tidak, melepas la peluang lawat pameran ni. heheh..


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