Monday, September 24, 2012

Office's Hari Raya Lunch

Currently, am still in tired and lazy mode..

Hope to post entry about the Avon Charity Walk tomorrow!

Till then.. here's some photo taken on last Thursday in conjunction with Hari Raya Lunch in my office.

The foods! 

with senior staff. They have joined the company for almost 20years ok! Tunggu pencen la jawabnya! heheeh..

The Muslim staff is getting lesser nowadays. *sigh*

My office's roomate! 
Tepuk tangan utk CathJ sbb jahit baju kurung ni sgt la cantik.. buat I nampak slim gitu! Muahahha.. 

Ok.. need to recharge!


  1. kalau pasal makan mmg siok oh hehe

  2. cantik baju kurung.. Yang skirtnya tu kain songket ka tu Just?

  3. oh, trus sa ingat raya celebration di ofis.. sa blum post lagi.. :D..


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