Thursday, September 06, 2012

Photobook Best Deals

Ramai yang jeles with my photobooks kan???

For best deals, rajin-rajin la visit these few sites :

Best deal so far was as cheap as RM47/book!

Well, it is not necessary from Photobook Malaysia. There are also photobook promo by others . But so far, I stick to Photobook Malaysia. Mainly because malas mau download and install banyak2 apps/software! 

Once you purchase your voucher from any of those links you must first download and install the relevant software then only you can proceed to design your photobook. Here's a quick guide by photobook Malaysia on how to design your photobook. I believe that the rest should be almost the same. You will be able to customise photos, backgrounds, page layouts, colour palettes, etc. 

Just drag and drop!

Don't forget to grab your photobook voucher when there is promo ya! I am sure you will enjoy photobook-ing as much as I do! 


  1. Sama lah, i just stick with Photobook Malaysia. Malas mo download bnyk software

  2. hehe...mmg jeles. my son punya gmbr byk da suda cuci tp mau setahun suda pun nda siap2 masuk album besar. malas pny pasal kan. mau try la konon ni deals ni nt. tq sis!:)

  3. he he he.. banyak deal2 bagus2 kan?? Sa rasa mo buat juga nanti.. Tapi gambar skrg, belum cukup lagi.. :D.. He he he.. :D

  4. hello Just, thanks for dropping by. i've been following your blog b4 switch to wordpress, will linked your blog once i got my hand on my pc :)

  5. Stella - *high-five* heheheh..

    Isable - hahaha... try benda baru spy ada semangat mau kasi siap. hahaha..

    Aki - blm cukup meh aki?? betul ba...

    Audeanor - Err.. Really? Semua wordpress skrg ni! heheeh..

  6. Ya..Best buat photobook kan...Saya pun ada buat..tapi blm siap2..heheh..Register under Groupon...

  7. Julie ~ Bkn Groupon ja..bnyk lg tu.. milkadeal, mydeals, streetdeal.. hehehe... malas2 jg la mau buat tp bila sdh mau expired baru rajin. hahah..


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