Friday, September 07, 2012

Posting an entry via Blackberry

For my future ref.. Hihihihi..

1. On your Dashboard, go to Setting  - Mobile and Email

type in your secretwords on the required field as circled #1 and save #2 
i.e. :

2. On your BB device, save or create "new contact" for "". In my case, I  saved it as "Just Blog". Pls edit the highlighted text accordingly.

3. To post entry via BB, look out for  "Just Blog" in your BB address book, click menu - Email Just Blog

4. Subject = Post Title. Type your entry as if you are typing an email. Photo(s)? No problem. Just attach them.

5. Click "send" and you are done!!

Somehow, the attached photo(s) will be on top of your entry. Photo(s) and text will be auto justified to the left. I wish I could justify them!!

If you are using Celcom, the entry's footer will shows "Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile"

print-screen my first entry via BB!

Selamat mencuba!!

Credits to Ceeramoon for the tutorial.


  1. Just apa perbezaan blackberry sama yang telepon android macam samsung tu ya? Ndak pernah tepegang bb lagi ba. Aplikasinya lebih best ka atau macam mana?

  2. operating system (OS) dorang lain2. blackberry pakai OS blackberry. Samsung pakai OS android. Mcm komputer la.. ada windows, IBM, Linux.. actually ikut org la.. my hubby bilang android pnya app lagi bnyk dr bb.. sia pun tepaksa ja pakai BB sbb senang sia berkontek sama suppliers sia abis dorang smua pakai BB. huhuuh.. at least, free la sia mau berBBM sama dorang.. :)

  3. Oo jadi android lagi ok la mungkin kan just.

  4. Anne ~ ya la sia rasa. sia blm pernah pakai lg. ada jg tab android yg china punya sia kasi beli anak2 sia tp daddy dorang yg urus. malas sia mau p study. hahaha..


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