Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cashout Rejection by Nuffnang

The above email explains it all. My 1st Nuffnang cashout has been rejected!

So, I send them a ticket asking for clarifications and advices.

Nuffnang responded promptly which is the next day. Fast huh?!

In my case, it should be "binti" as per IC instead of "bt" that I provided to Nuffnang! *sigh*

The issue has been resolved. I will need to make another cashout since the earlier cashout earnings have been credited back into my Nuffnang account.

However, I've changed my mind. I decided to cashout later. Wanna earn more! *money eyes*

Wordless Wednesday : Rayyan Adrian

1st mth vs 4yo

7mths vs 4yo

My lil boy has grown up in a blink!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Photobook : Taste of Love 2003 - 2011

It's my 3rd photobook!!

I bought the voucher 2 years ago when Photobook Malaysia was running a promo which cost me RM99 per photobook worth RM256.

That was before all the great sites offering greater deals i.e. groupon, milkadeal, streetdeal, etc.

The voucher is expiring another 3 years but barang bagus jangan kasi lama! Hahaaha.. 

I have done for Rayyan and Ryanna. So, this book is about us rite from the beginning. It's for our 9th anniversary's gift! A book that I call Taste of Love - remember our book? Yay!!

I have actually started doing the book before I realised bout the ready book (pre-designed templates). So, I just continued with the basic and simple design.

Here you goes.. some of the pages... 

One more photobook to be completed before I get myself more vouchers! Hehehe..

Monday, October 29, 2012

Lagi pasal Pure Marine Collagen

Hari tu I ada post pasal Pure Marine Collagen. Berdasarkan pageview, ramai yg google benda ni. Ada gak yg contact and komen tanya pasal benda ni. Tapi, sorry la.. actually I tak jual. Kawan yg jual. Tapi, mungkin I pun nak jual kot.. hahahah... InsyaAllah.. 

Before nak jual tu, I nak try dulu. Pastu baru konfiden nak jual. Baru la best dan yakin nak jawab soalan2 anda semua! Ceh!!

Update : Contact saya kalau berminat utk mendapatkan Pure Marine Collagen Gred AAA (ungu). :D

I tambah lagi info pasal Pure Marine Collagen ni utk tatapan kite semua..

PMC Gred A

Pure Marine Collagen ni kolagen mentah.. 100% asli dan belum diproses.. memang takde campuran bahan2 lain. Tinggi dengan kalsium, kalium, zat besi, magnesium, iodine dan zinc. Mampu mengawal paras gula dalam darah dan anti-oksidan.

Ia bukan dalam bentuk serbuk. Ia adalah tumbuhan marin (rumpai laut) yang telah dikeringkan dan kaya dengan kolagen, takde bahan kimia langsung..

Takde side effect yang buruk melainkan kulit makin licin, cerah, tegang dan cantik..

Antara kehebatan 100% KOLAGEN ASLI :

* Nilai2 nutrisi kolagen ni 10x ganda lebih tinggi dari sirip ikan yu (satu mangkuk kecil RM 300)

* Khasiatnya sama dengan sarang burung layang2 (RM 400 hingga ribuan ringgit)
* 24% kolagen ni bersamaan 2 keping sarang burung layang2
* Kalsium 37 yang lebih tinggi daripada hati ikan
* PH bernilai 7.6

Jika diamalkan seharian kulit akan nampak semakin cerah/putih. Dalam masa seminggu akan nampak kesannya especially pori2 muka akan rapat dan nampak licin.. jadikan ia sebagai masker pun boleh.

Yang paling best, sesuai untuk preggy women 6 bln ke atas utk dapatkan kulit baby yang putih dan kulit cantik. 

**Bagi wanita yang sedang berpantang & menyusukan bayi, boleh ambil pure collagen ini dengan syarat tidak boleh lebih 5 gram sehari kerana kandungan iron adalah tinggi**

Terdapat dua cara penyediaan. Penyediaan B dah ada kat entry sebelum ni. Sila rujuk semula.

Penyediaan A :

Cara Penggunaan : 
1. Basuh kolagen mentah, ramas2 seperti basuh beras 5-6 kali
2. Rendam kolagen mentah yang telah dibasuh semalaman
3. Simpan air rendaman tadi dalam bekas yg lain dan basuh sekali lagi 5-6 kali; toskan (air rendaman boleh digunakan utk merawat tumit kaki yg merekah!)
4. Campur dengan 2.5 liter air kosong ke dalam periuk untuk direbus
5. Selepas mendidih biarkan ia sejuk sebelum diletakkan ke dalam bekas dan disimpan dalam peti ais (stok untuk 4 minggu) – simpan segumpal kolagen mentah yang telah direbus tadi (seperti agar2) dalam bekas bertutup ke dalam peti ais untuk dijadikan masker

Cara Pengambilan :
1. Waktu terbaik ambil semasa perut kosong (selepas bangun tidur – sebelum sarapan & sebelum masuk tidur)
2. Ambil air rebusan kolagen dari peti ais (akan jadi seperti jelly), ambil 3 sudu besar dan masukkan ke dalam gelas – boleh juga dicampurkan dengan sunquick/air buah
3. Sebelum minum tu baca Bismillah & Selawat =)

Cara Membuat Masker :
1. Cuci muka 2-3 kali supaya pori2 di muka terbuka luas
2. Sapu rata gumpalan kolagen tadi di muka (sangat bagus dibuat setiap hari)
3. Biarkan lebih kurang 15 minit atau boleh juga dibiarkan semalaman sebelum dicuci

Jom ber-PMC!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Acai Berry - No Thanks!

This article has caught my attention. It was Harian Metro's Wednesday 24/10/2012 issue.

Acai Berry helps in flushing out excess pounds. Women dreaming for flat tummy will definitely considering and consuming this product.

No No No.. I am not consuming any Acai Berry products at the moment. However I have the intention to purchase Monavie which is containing Acai Berry.

After reading the above article, naaa... no thanks! I am glad that I haven't start with the Monavie. Phewww..

For family planning purposes, I have once consumed Maajun Anggun Bistari, after my 2nd delivery. In fact, I was also recommending and supplying the same to my friends. 

However, I stopped consuming the traditional herbs immediately rite after I read the article above!

This is the reason why I seldom 'pampering' and 'investing' myself with all the supplements! 

To women out there, pls study the product contains before you are consuming them coz you are actually risking your health and life by doing so.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Breast Cancer vs Couple Anniversary!

My breast cancer journey!

Celebrating happy moment with bad news is not really a good idea... However, it is the positive thinking that had help me rite from the beginning! InsyaAllah.. I will keep on fighting!

Today mark the 9th year of me and hubby being together. Well, there are hiccups in every relationship no matter what stage of the dating process your in. Frankly, we have been in 'bad shapes' the most this year. The worst ever for the past 9 years. Naa.. I am not going to rant further. 

To my dearest hubby, Happy 9th Anniversary! InsyaAllah, we will keep on fighting! I love you always and forever! 

Well, yeahh.. I am also celebrating my breast cancer anniversary today!! 

To DC of, thank you once again for inviting me to be your Guest Blogger. It's such an honour to share My Breast Cancer Story to everyone of you. 

For further details, there are all in that Breast Cancer Journey's page as pointed above. :)

Well, that's the least that I can do to stay positive!

Wish you all happiness and good health! 

Salam Aidiladha to all Muslim friends..

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

He is 4yo today!

Our lil HERO turns exactly 4yo at 11.19am today!

Happy 4th Birthday Rayyan Adrian!

Well, we have celebrated his birthday in advance last Sunday. It will always be simple yet meaningful celebration among us. Just goreng bihun, red eggs, Dominos pizza and cake!

But this round, Rayyan is expecting friends in da house on his birthday!

Tunung is planning to come over to my house to collect her bag, so yeahh.. rezeki dia la! Sambil menyelam sambil minum air. Since Belle is also staying 5min-drive away from my house, I also invited her. Unfortunately, she can't make it. Its ok Belle.  Lps ni, hari2 dtg rmh! Hehehehe...

The kids macam biasa la.. mula-mula... malu-malu! After makan and warm-up... naaa.... hilang 'kemaluan'! Oppss..

Spiderman's cake for this year!

Thanks Tunung for the pic. Santik ba!

I didn't manage to snap a lot coz busy chit-chatting with Tunung and that's the only photo of us.

Thanks for coming moy.. lain kali datang lagi bawa anak jalan2. 

Btw, we bought another cake for Rayyan to celebrate with his friends at kindie today! I remember my mom used to do the same thing for me when I was in my primary school. Tiap-tiap tahun bawa and potong kek di sekolah. Hihihi..

Enjoy your day son! We love you always and forever! *hug and kiss*

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brown Paper Bag & Doily Paper

My closest cousin in KK is getting married soon. So, she is now busy with all the preparations. Those who have gone through this sure know how things going when the date is approaching in less than 4mths!

She were asking bout where to find doily paper and brown paper bag just like McD and BK's. It makes me recalled Beaty's ranting bout her DIY stuff for her wedding preparations few months ago.

Doily Paper
Check here for Wakim's price

Thanks Beaty for the infos. According to Beaty, doily paper can be purchased at cake and bakery shops. If you happen to stay nearby Damai, Penampang area, head to ConsFood Cafe. It will cost you bout RM6-RM8 per pack of 250pcs for 3 inch size doily paper. 

While helping my cousin to google for brown paper bag, i stumbled upon this blog and this blog sharing infos on brown paper bag. Guess what? They went to the same shop at Kg Baru, KL to purchase the brown paper bags.

I bet my cousin is eyeing for this one.
More choices of paper bags by Wakim Shop from as low as RM5/packet of 100pcs!

Of coz la I visited the shop's blog kan. Macam-macam kedai tu jual. Murah pula tu! Opps.. they don't entertain online orders so you might have to visit them yourself. In case you are not in KL, boleh la try menyusahkan orang lain! Kidding! Heee...

Ermm.. I think I need to keep some containers like the above image for 'take away' purpose. Hehehe..

I found the price is much more cheaper compare if you are to buy these at the supermarkets or mini markets.

So, jom ke Wakim

Monday, October 22, 2012

New DIY Header

It was DC's header that triggered me! Thanks DC!

So yeah.. a new DIY header for Just 2 Story, previously was named as Just's Corner. After few thoughts, I think both blog URL and blog title should be the same.. baru la consistent! Kunun! Hihihihi...

Not that creative yet it makes me satisfy! *smiling*

Red Eggs

Rayyan will be turning 4yo this coming Wednesday i.e. 24 October 2012.

We decided to celebrate his birthday in advance which was yesterday. I will definitely share bout his birthday in my next entry.

As for today, will just rant about red eggs.

Since I was a kid, my mom used to prepare red eggs in all of our birthday celebration even tho it was only 2-3 eggs and I never really ask why but I know it is something to do with the Chinese culture inherit from our ancestors.

Yesterday, Tunung's hubby (asal Semenanjung) was kinda surprise to see red eggs on the table and I bet , unlike Sabahan, most of the Malays here are not aware of red eggs.

Red eggs Symbolize birth or a new start, prosperity and good fortune.

Print screen here for your info.

Thanks Google and Wikipedia.

Friday, October 19, 2012

He has graduated!

Rayyan's kindie has arranged for a photography session for the pupils last month.

Of coz it was not FOC.

For Rayyan, we were have to pay RM25 for 2pcs of photos - 1 person photo and class photo.

Looking at the photos which was received 2 days ago, he has so much grown up now!

Mr. Rayyan Adrian

Class of Ladybird
Oh yeah.. Rayyan the only boy in his class!

Well, he is not graduating from the kindie yet, so he is not wearing the graduation robe.

He should be going to the same kindie for another 2 years!

Let's recall how was he look like on his first day and 1st week at kindie.

On his first day!
The girl sitting next to him eventually becomes his best friend pula! Hahaha

On the 4th day!

Throughout this year, Rayyan seldom gave us hard time to wake him up in the morning except the first week, even though he normally went to bed at 12midnite and wake up at 7am the next day.

He enjoy schooling coz he like friends.  Teachers have been saying that Rayyan is very active at school. He tends to be quiet but move a lot!! Sometimes, he refuses to write! Hmm.. Nevertheless, teachers say he is a smart boy as he picks up very fast!

As parent, of coz I pray that he will be excellent in his study, success in career, be a good boy/man, respect elder ppl and the list goes on... InsyaAllah...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pink's Month : Breast Cancer Awareness

I got this copy from the hospital during my treatments.

Scanned and share here for your readings.

HealthToday covering everything you want to know bout Breast Cancer.


Don't forget to perform BSE and do your ultrasound/ mammogram yearly!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Archery

Gambar lama of coz!!
It was my first time and I think my last time too! Hah!!
Taken in July last year @ Star Archery Times Square
They were just operated that time
So only cost us RM10 per game of 12 draws with free coaching!