Monday, October 08, 2012


Hi everyone!!

Was not in the mood to blog actually. 

Many things happening lately but somehow i dont think it's good and appropriate to share those personal things here. 

Even though sometimes I really feel like spill them out! *sigh*

Anyway, i still keep my blog updated with other stories. At least, it's one of the stress-release therapy. 

I pray hard that everything will be just fine and I know that innocent people will be protect by Allah. Those who try to condemn others' life will definitely go to hell!!! Oppss... 

Happy Monday people!!


  1. Ya Just...GOD's will show you the answer... Take care ya..don't think too much..Cheers...

  2. somehow this quote reflects my situation now. It's okay then...

    I am hurt, broken and trying to get myself together now. But I knew it won't be long. Just like a friend used to tell me, 'Everything shall take place when the right time comes.' What goes around, comes around.

  3. Kasi biar ja tu Just...yg penting jaga kesihatan ko..take care :)

  4. Hi Just,

    Baru hari ni sia membaca blog ni astaga so long nda update. Kemalasan sebab FB ada hehe. Hmm Napa gia? anything?. Sabar ja k..and oh ya I believe in Karma ( Qada and Qadar)..:-D

    1. Hehehe.. ya ramai makin malas update sbb FB. hehehe... nanti kita meet up k.. :)


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