Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Membenang Bulu Roma Muka

If you wanted to remove unwanted hairs on any area of your face and even the entire face, you may consider THREADING. Using thin and twisted cotton thread which will be rolled on the specific area or entire face.

Well, I am not used to all things related to face!! Yes, I am one lady who never bother bout my face!! Teruk kan?? I rarely make-up! I only put on light compact powder, light eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick to office. I never do facial not even once! Why?? Coz I am very scared of "tidak ngam product"! Bukan tambah cantik, tambah teruk pula. Hahaha.. and I only have facial cleanser. Hihihi..

So why is this threading bother me?

The above image answer it all... 

Well, I do have hairy sideburns before this (before treatments) but they were not as hairy and obvious like the above image. It kinda disturbing me specially hubby keep on mentioning bout it. Hmm..

So, I started google bout threading. It will take 1-2 mths to grow back and the hairs grow thinner. Others' experiences were saying sampai terkeluar air mata time buat threading. Those comments really freak me out ok. Kena pula jenis org yg tidak tahan sakit. Hihihih... 

Luckily, Tunung wanna thread too... At least, I gain some confidence if being accompanied. So, we date again last Sunday! Hehehehe...

at Sungai Wang

Before threading, we went to Low Yatt, Sungai Wang and BB Plaza first. Konon2 takut ada kesan merah di bahagian threading. So, shopping dulu!! Hahahah..

It was about 3.30pm when we reached the saloon - Vaani's Exclusive Beauty Saloon, located at Semua House, near Jalan TAR. Oh yes... threading normally conducted at Indian's saloon.   

Looking at my sideburns, those ladies were saying I should do waxing instead of threading. It will be more painful if I do threading. Again, I was main tarik tali. I was so scared that I won't be able to bear the pain. Hahaha... 

relax ja dia!

So, I asked Tunung to proceed first. She was very relax and I don't see her painful reaction during the process. So, yeahhh... I took my seat. Hahahaahah..


As suggested, waxing it is! 

The lady applied warm honey (as a wax) on my sideburns before she stick and press a cloth strip on the area and ripped it off immediately which she did it very quick. Very quick that I hardly feel the pain. Macam kena cubit ja!

After waxing, she grabbed the thread. I was like... "aik?? thread jugak ka pulak?" Panik c kawan!! Hahaaha.. 

She did the threading very quick too.. Ada bunyi ok! In less than 10mins, my hairy sideburns were removed! Licin berseri terus! Wakakaaka...

Confirm merah la after wax/thread

I am surely gonna do this again in future. Wax and threading on sideburns only cost me RM25. For full price list, check out their page

Overall, waxing and threading tidak la sakit sangat pun! hihihhi.. 


  1. owhhh.. ada gak wat camni ye... mahal tak ek?

  2. salam,

    done waxing but not membenang...
    i have to since ada darah mamak-mamak skit kan? hahahahaha

  3. ada ex-opismate dulu buat benang tu di upper lip sbb dia mo kawen..then tgk kesan dia merah2..org yg buat tu nda profesional maybe

  4. Saya pernah buat juga dulu..time study..tapi kwn yang tolong buat...Tapi skrg x pernah sdh...Ada pedih2 sikit juga tu kan Just...

  5. sa nda penah bt tp cabut bulu ketiak pun sakit bah, ni kali lagi d muka

  6. My mum did it for me long ago.. I did not dare to do it again xD hahaha

  7. JassNani ~ rm25 je wax + threading utk bhgn sideburns. kalau threading je rm12. depends area la. :)

    Nurul Aznil ~ hehehe... bleh la try threading kalau nak.. :)

    Ekina ~ actually, mmg merah after buat threading tu tp takde la lama n teruk sgt. i bace mmg ada org yg kasar sket cara dia buat. tu yg risau gak masa nak buat..

    Julie ~ oya ka.. ni first time sia buat owh. pedih sikit and skijap ja la.. :)

  8. tidak sakit ka just? mcm sakit oo..haha..merah2 trus after..

  9. ilyannur ~ mmg sblm buat sia pikir sakit betul tp after buat, rupa2 nda sakit sgt. mcm kena cubit seja. hihih..

    Dora ~ my mom said painful but i think bearable la. hihihi..

    Lina ~ mmg standard laitu pandai merah tp skjap ja tu. sakit dia pun skjap ja yg mcm kena cubit nda la sakit betul. hihihi..

  10. Oo..bagus ni kan.lambatka tu tumbuh balik ya?

  11. Saya time kawin.. Habis kena benang hihihi... Memang sakit... Tapi halussss ;)

  12. Anne - tumbuh balik dlm 1-2bln.

    Cath - ya ka cath? Ada chinese mmg buat juga ni..

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