Friday, November 02, 2012

It's All Souls Day!

In my mom's kampung (Kuala Penyu), we call it as Hari Sembahyang Kuburan

It used to be our 2nd whole family gathering after CNY every year. 

Even though we are (I was) Catholic, we never really gather during Xmas. My family are more to Chinese beliefs. In fact, the whole kampung is more to Chinese lifestyle. Maybe because our ancestors were Chinese.

My mom and siblings will usually make collections and get relatives in kampung to clean and sweep graves  at least a week earlier.

When the day comes, we'll bring along flowers visiting graves of my mom's biological mother and my great- grandparents, praying they will rest in peace.

I have missed the family gathering on this day for years, ever since I 'migrated' to KL. Thats mean it's already 13 years! Wow!!

A picture of myself when I was I think 2yo on All Souls Day!

Rest in peace to those who has departed. 


  1. ya,KP people gather on CNY than xmas.tanya my fiance the reason dia pn x sure tp yg confirm dr keci memang mcm tu even today pn drg juz reached kk from kp ni..

    RIP to all souls.

  2. I have a lot of pictures during All Souls Day. Wajib kan pigi kasih bersih kubur :)

  3. dulu2 kn..ini acara kira besar-besaran jg oh klu tpt kmi.asal 2nd nov tu mmg raaaamai yg balik kg utk p smbhyg kuburan..pastu kn semua buat open hse la lps smbhyg tu..kmi p dr rmh ke rumah bah mkn2..
    tp itu lamaaa suda la..skng ni biasanya,lps smbhyg kubur, semua org kg kumpul d balairaya n mkn sama2...kompom la ada aramai tie...

  4. RIP all souls.

    Read a bit of your profile and knew you are breast cancer survivor! You really strong and best of luck to you!:)

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  5. ohh now i know what All Souls Day means..hehe..RIP

    what a cute picture :)
    i love ur header, glad to know a strong person like u..keep on being strong :)

  6. nda pernah ikut pg bersih kuburan...
    ntah kenapa.. :P


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