Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrappin' up 2012!

So, it's the last day of 2012! Pheww.. Naa.. I'm not used to azam-berazam ni. But sometimes ada juga set2 goal. Heheheh..

I managed to get driving license early this year and I hope I will be able to drive next year. Macamana pun misti mau drive coz hubby always outstation sdh skrg. 

Although there isn't much things happening but I would say this year is the most challenging year for me and family. I pray and hope that things will be getting better next year.  

Lets recap some of the moments...

January - CNY @ Cameron Highlands

February - Met Tunung and Belle for the first time!
Tunung - we share lots of interest and most importantly - life stories
Belle - my driver every morning! Hahahah... Naa.. my mom is babysitting her son now!

Mar-April - Singapore
May - Family trip to Penang.
Didn't blog about this coz the trip actually fail to satisfy me! *sigh*
June - daily radiotherapy for 25x + 8x
July - Alhamdulillah... have finally completed all the required treatments
To CathJ who is currently undergoing her treatment, stay strong and be positive always my friend. *hugs* 

August - Start working after 9mths MC & 2nd trip to Cameron Highlands

September - Breast Cancer Charity Walk by Avon

October - Rayyan's 4th birthday!

November - me and baking!

December - Me after 5 mths upon completion of treatments!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 to each and everyone of you.. May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness to you and your family.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Buah Tarap

Lately, most of my friends in Sabah post photos of buah tarap in their FB! Oh my... it has been ages since my last buah tarap!! 

Setiap kali balik Sabah, bukan musim buah. So, mmg sdh lama tidak makan buah tarap ni! Di KL ni, mmg jangan harap la dpt jumpa buah ni. kan kan kan... 

My uncle is going back to KK tonite for 2 nites just for the sake of attending my cousin's wedding. He is planning to sneak some Taraps to bring back over here. Harap2 misi berjaya! Hahaha..

Ini la rupa buah tarap yang sudah lama tidak di-ngap!

According to wikipedia, the marang (Artocarpus odoratissimus), also called johey oakgreen pedalaimadang,tarapteraptimadang, orbreadfruit cousin, is a tree native to BorneoPalawan, and Mindanao Island . It is closely related to thejackfruitcempedak, and breadfruittrees.

Ok, am drooling now!

Psst... working in the most laziest week ever, specially it's the last Friday of 2012!! Waving to the year of Dragon! Snaky is waiting at the door of 2013! *wink*

Thursday, December 27, 2012


All this while, I stick to blackish or dark greyish tones for my eyeshadow (even just a thin layer tho') as those tones easily mix with all . Besides, am not good in blending eyeshadow. Huhuhu..

So these are my new eyeshadow colours!

Bought these eyeshadow of Savee (Singaporean's product) at only RM1 each (NP at RM15 each) from a booth at the Ampang Park station last Friday. At first we thought that they must be expiring soon. But nope! They are expiring in 2015. Yeayyy!!

So here I am.. google-ing some eyeshadow-blending tutorials for my ref. Hihihi..

Half finishing but I love it up to this stage! Hah!

Opps.. I'll save this one for special event!
Click here for the tutorial.

Click here for the tutorial
Golden Greenish
Click here for the tutorial
First thing first, you might wanna know your eye better! :)

Lets see if I'm going to play with other colours after this! *wink*

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012 @ Bukit Bintang

As previous years, after mom and my bro came back from church to attend Christmas mass, we chose to hangout in Bukit Bintang's malls - Times Square and Pavilion. 

Last minute hubby was not able to join us as he has to join a group of tour to Putrajaya. Since we already promised the kids, so yeahh... only me, mom and the kids. Hubby only dropped us at Times Square. 

Being "welcome" at the entrance

The Garden concept

My Rayyan was not in his good mood. He kept on saying "mau mainan.. mau x-man". Haizzz... He didn't even want to be snapped with the Santa Claus. *sigh*

Some of our photos here

But these caught his attention - the angels hanging on top and  those costumes!

On the way to Pavilion, we dropped by at Fahrenheit88 (Previously known as KL Plaza). 

Love their purple Christmas tree

The only photo of us.. sayangnya blur pula!

Next, Pavilion.

RAMAI!! Tapi sudah sampai, takkan patah balik pula kan.. teruskan ja la.. 

Love the golden sleigh!

Ini la tujuan utama ke sini... RM5/pax for 4-5 rounds if not mistaken.
Long queue ok! The kids start minta susu sdh! LOL

These couple were just arrived when we were about to leave Pavilion

Honestly, the idea of 2 adults and 2 childs outings is not a great idea especially when the kids are cranky. Luckily, my lil daughter always behaved nicely when we are outside, unlike when we are at home, she will be very active! But Rayyan... cranky and moody most of the time! Ada saja mau minta beli... bila sdh beli, mau balik pula. Apa yang dia mau, itu la yg harus dibeli. Kalau nda, naaa... masam laitu muka! Hmmm.. 

All in all.. tired, yess.. but we enjoyed of coz! 

Wonder which mall we will be going for next year's Christmas! Hah!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Just!!

Belated wish to myself actually! *wink*

According to my mom, I was born on Sunday about 9++am. It was a quiet Sunday that day coz everyone has gone back to kampung to celebrate Christmas with families. My dad was outstation too that day. Luckily, there was an old lady staying nearby whom acted as the bidan. Yeap, I was born  at home. Tidak sempat p hospital! Huhuhu.. 

So, I celebrated my exact born-day yesterday (Sunday) with my beloved family. 

Orange Butter Cake baked by my mom and cream & deco by me!
Still need to practise more on how to decorating cake!

C Rayyan bilang "yes" sbb berjaya tiup lilin! Hahahah

with my sunshine!

Thanks mom the cake, in fact for every single things. Love you as always!

Thank you also for all the birthday wishes via FB, whatsapp, sms, specially Lin for the special entry! You guys made my day! ^_^

Wishing for a better year next year! 2013, pls be good to me and family!

Btw, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO FAMILY, RELATIVES and FRIENDS who are celebrating Christmas, wherever you are! Please don't drink and drive ya! To those on vacay, happy holidays! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Baby Heaven in da house!!

It's a quiet Friday here in da office today! Ramai yg cuti.. mood Christmas! Hehehe..

Nyway, I'm glad that one of my readers who is also a cancer patient email-ed me and share some infos. Kinda relief. Actually, lega sgt2. According to her, some of the patients who are on tamoxifen will also having the red flag and even her doc saying that it's nothing to be worried about. Phewwww...

Cepat2 la transfer hospital. Need to continue my tamoxifen. In Pantai, the cost to see the doc is already almost the cost for tamoxifen! *sigh*

Btw, my mom is officially a babysitter to Baby Heaven starting this week. If she cannot manage then we will have to give notice to Belle to find other babysitter. Sedia kama cari pengganti Belle! Hahahah... 

Mom and Baby Heaven

Of coz Rayyan and Ryanna are excited bout it! 

One of the scenario : Baby was crying.

Rayyan : Napa baby Heaven nangis Mummy Tua? Cuba koko tingu muka dia. 

Rayyan : Baby Heaven, Baby Heaven... bertenang.. bertenang.. ada koko sini!

Hahahahahah... lucu!!!

After 2 days, Rayyan sudah mula tidak peduli c Baby Heaven. Ryanna plays good role as the sister. She kisses him.. plays with him.. sleep with him.. duiii gia.. penyayang betul pula c Ryanna ni di sebalik sifat ganas dia.. hahahahaha.. So far, Baby Heaven is doing good. Sgt good boy cuma ada masa manja mau kena dukung. Biasa la.. cucu first. Macam juga c Rayyan dulu! Hihihihih...

Ok la.. will be blowing my candles this Sunday! *wink*

Psst.. Happy buffday to Chegu Carol!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Susah hati...

I feel like crying now... :(

I should not be having my menstrual as it is my enemy. "If you're having it, then you should come to see me immediately. We need to stop it." - warning by my Oncologist. 

And yet... I am on "red flag" at this moment!

Oh my.. I was so shocked, scared, worried... Sangat susah hati ok!

I was thinking to transfer hospital from Pantai to government hospital for follow up purposes. You should understand why. I couldn't be asking my company to pay everything rite! In fact, I've already gotten the transfer letter from Pantai.

Have yet to pass the letter to the Hospital Ampang tho. And even I did, I know I will only be able to meet the doctor next month, the earliest!

In this critical situation (I guess so), I guess I have go back to Pantai for consultation urgently!

I hope and pray that everything will be just fine.. I hope and pray that the red flag is not a sign of.... Gosh... I need to be positive! Keep on positive Just!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Applying Eyeliner

Which one is yours?
Some are very dramatic!
The eyeliner-applying technique #1

The eyeliner-applying technique #2
Source : here

Me loving the gel eyeliner of AVON!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Birthday cake baked by the Wife!

So, we celebrated Hubby's birthday last nite. Sort of an advance birthday for me too.. Yes, mine in less than a week! *wink*

Chocolate Cream Cheese Sponge Cake
The birthday cake di-bake dengan penuh kasih sayang oleh si isteri utk suami nya! LOL
Macam biasa.. anak-anak yg over excited! Heheheh

Merah menyala pula kami kan?! Hihihi

My first cake!
Bukan mau masuk bakul angkat sendiri, tp the cake mmg yummy.
Need to improve the cream tho'
Selalu fail bikin cream.. huhuhu

The gift - photobook!
Didn't managed to buy him new pair of office attire as planned. Huhuhu..

Yeah.. that's bout it.. A simple yet meaningful birthday celebration. Extra credits when they enjoy the cake! Kembang kembis tu hidung ok! LOL

Monday, December 17, 2012

34th Candle!

Dearest Hubby,

We fight, we make up, we share secrets over a coffee cup. Sometimes you're my friend, sometimes a guide, you are the person in whom I take pride. Wish you good health and happiness.

Happy birthday to you! 

Psst... malam ni kita potong kek! :D

Friday, December 14, 2012

Cheongsam for CNY

Mood sgt malas hari ni.. biasa la.. FRIDAY! *wink*

I'm planning to grab 2pcs of cheongsam for CNY next year. One piece will definitely RED colour and the one piece still not confirm. :)

Jom cuci mata tgk cheongsam.. 

Sama tapi tak serupa
tgk betul2.. 

Nampak classic kan..

Lace cheongsam! Lawa kan?

Your choice??

So far, the cheapest online boutique for cheongsam that I found is beautymyth.

Or you can also visit miraclemall and missuya for more cheongsam collections.

Till then.. happy weekend in advance. ^_^

Thursday, December 13, 2012

When Rayyan met Ryanna

As commented by Gee on my workplace, "your wall mesti nampak cantik kalau ada gmbr berlekat2 tu kan"... so here I am browsing at the kids photos... selecting some of them which to be put up on my wall. 

How I miss them when their were still babies.. hihihi.. Btw, pls dont ask me to conceive coz it will risks my life. This two will be just great enough. *wink*

Sharing some photos here when Rayyan met the newborn Ryanna... *wink*

When Rayyan met Ryanna
Day 1 - couple hours after the arrival of Ryanna

When Rayyan met Ryanna
The first week at home
Nda peduli pun ada.. heran pun ada.. hihihhi...

When Rayyan met Ryanna
The 2nd week at home

When Rayyan met Ryanna
The 2nd week at home
Ryanna saja kena layan.. mula la Rayyan jeles

When Rayyan met Ryanna
The 3rd week onwards at home
Sdh boleh terima kenyataan! LOL

When Rayyan met Ryanna
1 mth
Love this photo!
Sorry for the poor photos quality. Pakai hp ja.

No matter how grown up you both, you both will always my babies! Mommy loves you both so very much! Oppss.. Emo pula.. 

p/s : Happy birthday to dear Stella! Enjoy your day! Psst.. ada surprise ka? ;p