Friday, December 21, 2012

Baby Heaven in da house!!

It's a quiet Friday here in da office today! Ramai yg cuti.. mood Christmas! Hehehe..

Nyway, I'm glad that one of my readers who is also a cancer patient email-ed me and share some infos. Kinda relief. Actually, lega sgt2. According to her, some of the patients who are on tamoxifen will also having the red flag and even her doc saying that it's nothing to be worried about. Phewwww...

Cepat2 la transfer hospital. Need to continue my tamoxifen. In Pantai, the cost to see the doc is already almost the cost for tamoxifen! *sigh*

Btw, my mom is officially a babysitter to Baby Heaven starting this week. If she cannot manage then we will have to give notice to Belle to find other babysitter. Sedia kama cari pengganti Belle! Hahahah... 

Mom and Baby Heaven

Of coz Rayyan and Ryanna are excited bout it! 

One of the scenario : Baby was crying.

Rayyan : Napa baby Heaven nangis Mummy Tua? Cuba koko tingu muka dia. 

Rayyan : Baby Heaven, Baby Heaven... bertenang.. bertenang.. ada koko sini!

Hahahahahah... lucu!!!

After 2 days, Rayyan sudah mula tidak peduli c Baby Heaven. Ryanna plays good role as the sister. She kisses him.. plays with him.. sleep with him.. duiii gia.. penyayang betul pula c Ryanna ni di sebalik sifat ganas dia.. hahahahaha.. So far, Baby Heaven is doing good. Sgt good boy cuma ada masa manja mau kena dukung. Biasa la.. cucu first. Macam juga c Rayyan dulu! Hihihihih...

Ok la.. will be blowing my candles this Sunday! *wink*

Psst.. Happy buffday to Chegu Carol!


  1. Syukur la teda apa2 tu red flag kan..
    rayyan punya cara mo pujuk baby heavan ba bikin ketawa..hahaha!

  2. Hahaha.. c EE mau adik la tu... (^_^)

  3. Syukur la Just everything is okay.. Hahaha funny oh si rayyan

  4. I'm so late here. Sibuk kasi 'tapuk' paperwork bah haha! Thumbs up to your little girl; she knows the role as a sister. Cua ko ajar dia macam mana mau nyanyi untuk c Heaven. Mesti baby Heaven suka tu (^_^)

  5. hahaha. comelnya si baby heaven ^^

  6. Good to hear yg teda apa2 juga tu red flag. And thanks for mentioning my bday altho this year saya teda blow any candles :)

  7. Staga..baru sy perasan post ko just..hahahaha...
    Well thank God! Ok juga ba kan si Heaven sana...kekeke...
    susah ba mau cari baby sitter..hehehe


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