Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012 @ Bukit Bintang

As previous years, after mom and my bro came back from church to attend Christmas mass, we chose to hangout in Bukit Bintang's malls - Times Square and Pavilion. 

Last minute hubby was not able to join us as he has to join a group of tour to Putrajaya. Since we already promised the kids, so yeahh... only me, mom and the kids. Hubby only dropped us at Times Square. 

Being "welcome" at the entrance

The Garden concept

My Rayyan was not in his good mood. He kept on saying "mau mainan.. mau x-man". Haizzz... He didn't even want to be snapped with the Santa Claus. *sigh*

Some of our photos here

But these caught his attention - the angels hanging on top and  those costumes!

On the way to Pavilion, we dropped by at Fahrenheit88 (Previously known as KL Plaza). 

Love their purple Christmas tree

The only photo of us.. sayangnya blur pula!

Next, Pavilion.

RAMAI!! Tapi sudah sampai, takkan patah balik pula kan.. teruskan ja la.. 

Love the golden sleigh!

Ini la tujuan utama ke sini... RM5/pax for 4-5 rounds if not mistaken.
Long queue ok! The kids start minta susu sdh! LOL

These couple were just arrived when we were about to leave Pavilion

Honestly, the idea of 2 adults and 2 childs outings is not a great idea especially when the kids are cranky. Luckily, my lil daughter always behaved nicely when we are outside, unlike when we are at home, she will be very active! But Rayyan... cranky and moody most of the time! Ada saja mau minta beli... bila sdh beli, mau balik pula. Apa yang dia mau, itu la yg harus dibeli. Kalau nda, naaa... masam laitu muka! Hmmm.. 

All in all.. tired, yess.. but we enjoyed of coz! 

Wonder which mall we will be going for next year's Christmas! Hah!


  1. Nice oo kan decoration Christmas tree dia..Purple color lagi tu..huhu...

  2. mesti berbunga2 tu hati si rayyan nampak baju spiderman tu.....hehe

    1. Apa lagi.. minta beli la trus.. tp buat apa jg beli tu.. mau pakai bila?! Adehh..

  3. Replies
    1. datang la.. tp bkn time peak ek.. :p

  4. Hebat2 bah deco christmas sana kan and punya ramai orang hehe cute bah c rayyan kita bilang 'semat baju dia' ehehe

    1. iya mmg berabisan deco ni mcm betanding sama mall lain. hehehe.. hahah.. tu baju mau kicil sdh tu yg tepksa jg kasi pakai dia. hahah...

  5. punya ramai orangg

    merry xmas ah

    1. Merry Xmas Nanak! ya ba.. mmg ramai urg!

  6. wow too crowded..i hate crowded plc...haha
    the kids look so happy..they are one lucky kiddos....
    Merry Christmas :)

  7. Merry christmas sis.. and Happy new year.. :)
    Georgous si auntie on the special day.. hehe..


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