Thursday, December 27, 2012


All this while, I stick to blackish or dark greyish tones for my eyeshadow (even just a thin layer tho') as those tones easily mix with all . Besides, am not good in blending eyeshadow. Huhuhu..

So these are my new eyeshadow colours!

Bought these eyeshadow of Savee (Singaporean's product) at only RM1 each (NP at RM15 each) from a booth at the Ampang Park station last Friday. At first we thought that they must be expiring soon. But nope! They are expiring in 2015. Yeayyy!!

So here I am.. google-ing some eyeshadow-blending tutorials for my ref. Hihihi..

Half finishing but I love it up to this stage! Hah!

Opps.. I'll save this one for special event!
Click here for the tutorial.

Click here for the tutorial
Golden Greenish
Click here for the tutorial
First thing first, you might wanna know your eye better! :)

Lets see if I'm going to play with other colours after this! *wink*


  1. hehehe...buli nnt sia cuba d wedding adk ipar :D

  2. i dunno how to blend them...all the while main hentam saja...

  3. Replies
    1. kalau tida murah tida kena beli ni! Hahahah

  4. murahnya..sampai bila sale itew?? sy mau pigi..

    1. adehhh belle.. sampai ari 5 lepas ja tu.. lupa pula sia kastau ko..

  5. cantik owh.... wahwahwah... sis...ala kalau sy tau ni eyeshadow ada di jual semurah tu.. mau sy ke ampang park. haha

  6. nice nice.. kalau sy sangat buta make up.. apa lagi mau pakai eye shadow.. hancuss.. hee ;p

  7. Wah, cantik bah klu pandai susun tu kaler ayeshadow kan. Kak tidak pandai pkai eyeshadow, celak sj, ha3...


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