Thursday, December 20, 2012

Susah hati...

I feel like crying now... :(

I should not be having my menstrual as it is my enemy. "If you're having it, then you should come to see me immediately. We need to stop it." - warning by my Oncologist. 

And yet... I am on "red flag" at this moment!

Oh my.. I was so shocked, scared, worried... Sangat susah hati ok!

I was thinking to transfer hospital from Pantai to government hospital for follow up purposes. You should understand why. I couldn't be asking my company to pay everything rite! In fact, I've already gotten the transfer letter from Pantai.

Have yet to pass the letter to the Hospital Ampang tho. And even I did, I know I will only be able to meet the doctor next month, the earliest!

In this critical situation (I guess so), I guess I have go back to Pantai for consultation urgently!

I hope and pray that everything will be just fine.. I hope and pray that the red flag is not a sign of.... Gosh... I need to be positive! Keep on positive Just!!


  1. Hope that everything is gonna be okay with you, Just.. take care ya..

  2. harap2 semuanya baik2 belaka ye...

  3. mudahan u akan ok. amin. take k

  4. have faith that everything is fine moy..
    I pray for you kio..

  5. Don't worry too much ok..Take care..

  6. harap2 just ok...please..
    saya doakan yg terbaik ya...
    take care and update later k...

  7. Thanks for all the comfort words.. :D

  8. wah... baru saya terbaca oh ni.... so how was the consultation? apa doc cakap moi? is it normal kalau TERred flag? kau yg stage 2 pun boleh bergagar jantung... apa lagi saya ni yg stage 3... but just be positive lah k.. you will be ok la moi.. no worry.... hugs..

    1. kau tau.. sia teda p jumpa doc!! Hahahahah... ada satu kakak yg bagi sia tamo tu dia ckp ramai jg BC patient yg ada red flag even time treatment and sdg mkn tu tamo. nothing to worry kunun tu. So, sia stay positive seja la. heheheh..


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