Monday, December 03, 2012

Welcoming December!

So yeahh.. It's December!! The final month of year 2012! 

I bet my all my Christian friends are counting days to Christmas now and busy with Christmas gifts shopping  Some even started earlier.. betul ka tidak Sis Mouren! Hehehe...

As for me.. as usual.. will only grab 1 gift for gift exchange in office. 

Anyway, my Day 1 of December started with BAKING! Oh yess... it is so addictive! LOL

Christmas theme cuppies??! :D

Will definitely rant bout the cuppies in next entry.

And today is the Day 1 working in December. So, here I am... officially back in action! *wink*

Naa.. haven't trimmed yet. Still considering whether to wait a lil bit longer or not.. Hmmm..

Ok la.. Happy Monday ppl! Don't be blues yaa.. ^_^

Psstt... am alone in my room. 2 office-roomates are on leave! So, office saya punya!! Yeaahaaa.. 


  1. Bersemagat oo kan Just...Heheh..Cup Cake..Green theme kan tu...?

  2. Happy December moy!!
    Sia yg 1st Dec pigi kasi trim yg sana bawah oo..ha3

  3. besday wak pon bulan december nii..IHikks

  4. wah all of you are into baking ^^ best oo! I really wanted to do some but blum ada panggilan lg haha

    have a great month ahead sis Just

  5. Haha, start awal2 sebab mau kasi suam2 dulu tu mood Christmas hehe!

    Cupcakes? Perfect for Christmas. Sa masi cari mana mau order. Teringat c Amanda tapi sibuk berkrismas juga dia tu kali. uhhh!

    Ko buat kah ni? wawawawawawwaawa....menjejaki Stella Claire ko ni ;)

  6. Wahhh...cuppies! Ngam la ni Just, pembuka December :)


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