Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrappin' up 2012!

So, it's the last day of 2012! Pheww.. Naa.. I'm not used to azam-berazam ni. But sometimes ada juga set2 goal. Heheheh..

I managed to get driving license early this year and I hope I will be able to drive next year. Macamana pun misti mau drive coz hubby always outstation sdh skrg. 

Although there isn't much things happening but I would say this year is the most challenging year for me and family. I pray and hope that things will be getting better next year.  

Lets recap some of the moments...

January - CNY @ Cameron Highlands

February - Met Tunung and Belle for the first time!
Tunung - we share lots of interest and most importantly - life stories
Belle - my driver every morning! Hahahah... Naa.. my mom is babysitting her son now!

Mar-April - Singapore
May - Family trip to Penang.
Didn't blog about this coz the trip actually fail to satisfy me! *sigh*
June - daily radiotherapy for 25x + 8x
July - Alhamdulillah... have finally completed all the required treatments
To CathJ who is currently undergoing her treatment, stay strong and be positive always my friend. *hugs* 

August - Start working after 9mths MC & 2nd trip to Cameron Highlands

September - Breast Cancer Charity Walk by Avon

October - Rayyan's 4th birthday!

November - me and baking!

December - Me after 5 mths upon completion of treatments!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 to each and everyone of you.. May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness to you and your family.


  1. Ya bah, sa pun macam c Belle 'Like'. LOL.

  2. Hepi New Year beb! May God bless u always (^_*)

  3. Happy New Year Just! Hope the coming 2013 will be an awesome year for you and family! God bless you always

  4. happy new year just...
    sya yg duduk di jb pon belum smpi uss tu..hihihi

    1. thanks.. happy new year to you too.. bleh plan ba p uss. :)

  5. Happy New Year 2013 Just. All the best in 2013.

  6. u manage to lighten up ur life despite on ur chemo kan jus.. happy for u! banyak achievement jg kan

    1. layan tu chemo pun bikin sakit jg kan. heheheh... :D

  7. bergagar jatung saya tingu tu radiation mesin moiiiiiiiii... hahahahhahaha... but i cannot wait to be like the last pic.. hihihi

    1. itu mesin saja yg basar tp effect kicil unless ur skin very sensitive. Jgn kau tggu mcm tu last pic.. kalau tunggu rasa lama tu. :)


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