Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Goat in Snake 2013

It's been a while since my last horoscope readings. Dulu time remaja, suka baca horoskop walaupun tidak percaya sangat. Hihihi..

Siapa tahun kambing angkat tangan?? Saya!! Jom baca...

Born in: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003
Best Compatible : Horse (I guess I have found my true love!)
Compatible : Goat, Rabbit, Pig
Not Compatible: Ox

The basic character of a person born in the year of the Goat is that he/she Elegant, Gentle, Caring, Faithful, Down To Earth, Hardworking, Sure-Footed and Honest person. The person is also very Artistic, Innovative and full of fighting spirit in whatever he/she does. However, the person is often Stubborn, Inflexible and Hard Headed, he/she will not submit to anyone unless being very sure that it is worth the effort to listen. 

The person is gifted with success in whatever he/she does; especially with the guidance of the Wise Man. However, there is a need to be able to be open to positive feedbacks and willingness to learn from others. 

There are quite a handful of “Disastrous” Stars (凶星) surrounding you and only a handful of “Lucky” Stars (吉星) to be of much help for you this year. In view of this situation, you need to be extra careful with everything that you do. Always prepare in advance and include contingency and backup plans to support you. You will need to study and plan very carefully whenever business and financial related investments are concerned. There will be many head on clashes with others, thus, try as much as possible to remain calm and avoid direct conflicts. Also try your best not to be involved in any mediation for others’ problems; staying out of it will be good for you. 

Love Life will experience minor hiccups this year, thus it would be good to lower down your pride and discuss calmly with your partner to settle relationship issues. Be very patient and build up your endurance, most importantly, learn to take a few steps back before you make crucial decisions so that you will be able to see the bigger picture. Learn to control your temper with anger management techniques.

You will not have much of a health problem; rather, you may need to pay attention to your mental stress level and learn to adjust accordingly to distress yourself. Give yourself some space to breath easily and relax your mind. 

Monthly Forecast Table for 2013


Master Rayden's Advise For Those Born In:

1931Health is poor and excessive worrying will worsen it. Take time to rest and relax
1943Health is poor, treat minor sickness to prevent big problems ahead
1955Gambling addiction is a problem, do learn to control your habits and seek help if needed
1967Work your way up the slowly and steadily. Don’t go for short cuts
1979Control your emotions because it will lead to sudden explosion of anger. Take a short break and learn to release the stress level in you. Don’t bottle up your stress. 
1991Rest when it is time to do so, fatigue will lower your concentration in your studies

Overall, I guess I will be in 'tough' year too this year.. God, give me strength!

Click here to find out yours. Happy readings. ^_^


  1. Yess, hi-5 dulu kita hehe..sa pun tahun kambing juga... Tpi hubby sia inda in the list of the compatible haha...
    Mcm btul pla yg ko kasi red highlight... Need to be more relax lah ni hehe... :)

    1. sama tua pula kita kan.. hihihi.. opps.. nda compatible pun kalau pandai give and take ok jg ba tu.. :) mau p vacay tu baru buli relax2. hihihi

  2. alamak..we are not compatible just :(

    1. alamak.. ya ka.. in certain issues kali.. hehehe

  3. HAHA! I'm rabbit so memang ngam satu kepala sama ko sis.

  4. buli pecaya ka ni?lol....sa mcm kurang mo pecaya tapi kawan2 ni rajin baca...mcm betul betul oh juga sikit...

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    1. Hi.. thanks for the stopping by.. :)

  6. Hehehe, sentiki...kita sama lah... uh oh yg ada se baca juga this year mesti mau pandai control anger ni if not buli meletup oh :)

    1. inhale exhale saja la kalau rasa2 mau meletup kan.. hahaha..


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