Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ladies Blogger Lunch Gathering - Finale

Both Edith and Stella wrote and describe very well about each and everyone of us who showed up at the LBLG. Nasip baik 5 org ja kami! Hehehehe…

So, here’s mine…

I start with Julie aka Jue first.

Julie is one of my besties who started blogging 3 years ago tp ada jg hilang2 dari blogosphere. Hihihihi..

We have known for 20 years. We grew up in the same housing area and we went to the same high school – SM Stella Maris. We even went to church and attended Sunday schools together.  Copy pasted from previous post! Hahaha..

She is a soft spoken person and quite ‘reserved’. She doesn’t really talk much unless you ask! She might not be secretive but she keeps most of things to herself. If you are not seeing any smile on her face, that’s mean she is not in a very good mood or she is not feeling well! J Diam-diam ubi berisi, laju dia lari tau! Heheheh…

Can’t wait to be there for you on your BIG Day in May Julie!

Still waiting for Jue's version of LBLG thou'

She is one of the Stellarian bloggers and the first blogger I met. Been following her blog since 2009 and I met her personally, just the two of us, in Sept 2010. Read my entry and Sis Mouren's entry on our first meet up.

The quality meet up has created chemistry between us. I got myself a lovely sister from then on!  To be the eldest and the one and only daughter in my small family, it’s great to have a sister – kakak ba!

With our lovely kids!

As gorgeous as her blog name, yes she is gorgeous, happy go lucky and outspoken. A very dedicated and talented mother as well. She can dance and sing very well. Manang banyak kali jg owh! Hehehehe.. Blessed with coming-to-16yo Chef-Hubby and 3 soldiers make her the one and only Queen in da house! Bukan queen control tau! Heheheh..

Finally, her version of LBLG is up!

So sis.. I see you again in this coming May?! ;p

Another Stellarian! My 1yr junior. She was my SIL’s (time tu  belum jadi SIL lg) ex-classmate. What a small world kan?!  

It was my first time meeting her in person even tho’ I had been following her blog since 2010 or is it 2009?? *garu kepala*

A sweet and soft spoken lady with wide smile! Blessed with a loving and full of surprise hubby and a soldier!  A princess after this Stel? Hihihihi…

Her new found interest which is baking has more or less occupied her full time housewife’s schedule. Siap ada order lagi. *thumbs up* Btw, it was her Choc Fondant Lava Cake that has made me working in the kitchen, for baking!  Hah!! 

Stella's Part 1 and more pics of LBLG.

She has just started with blogging in July last year. I consider myself as her first few new followers.

A lovely soft spoken lady with dimple! Loving nature and outdoor. If sis Mouren has 3 soldiers, she has 3 princesses! Sampai bertarik rambut tau princess dia! Jgn main2.. hahahha…

Btw, sempat lagi dia komen psl my maroon-nails! Hahahaha…

Cat biasa-biasa ja.. tidak terrer macam c Chegu Carol

Edith's Part 1 and Part 2 of LBLG.

All in all, we had so much fun during the gathering. I’m sure they are great ladies to hang out with if time permits! 

Till we meet again ladies! 

Ladies Blogger Lunch Gathering - Group Photos

Read LBLG Part 1 if you missed it!

Let the group photos do the talking... Panat kami bertukar2 posing ok! Mulut pun panat senyum! Kikiki..

I believe we need no more words for these beautiful ladies... Hahahaha... *sila muntah*

From left : Stella of, Jue of, Edith of, Mouren aka Wyne of and me!

Us with the kids

We are the ex-Stellarians from 3 diff batches!
Sis Mouren was my senior and Stella was Junior.
Jue and I were same batch! 

Part 3 comin' up next! *wink*  

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday : Fridge Magnets

Latest collections!
Loving the summit trail of Mt Kinabalu coz it reminds me of my climbings in 1998 & 1999!

Btw, LBLG's entries tomorrow ya! *wink*

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Cheongsam Ladies in LBLG Part 1!

It’s time for the Ladies Blogger Lunch Gathering (LBLG)!! Yeahhh…

It was held at Airways Putatan (sis Mouren’s fav place and mine too! Hihihi…) on 16/2/13 at 12noon.

What makes the LBLG special is the C.H.E.O.N.G.S.A.M theme!

I believe everyone were pretty excited of the idea that all of us posted special entry about our own cheongsam which is good too. So that we would have colorful cheongsams during the LBLG! Heheheh..  

I know sis Mouren was half an hour early coz I saw her update at FB! Stella and Edith were already there too when I texted Sis Mouren informing Jue and I were on our way. Sorry la ladies... I was late for the previous meet up too! Hmm..

YESS… All 5 of us (Sis Mouren, Stella, Edith, Jue and I) were showing off our C.H.E.O.N.G.S.A.M! Even my daughter, sis Mouren’s son and her hubby cum our photographer were also in Cheongsam and Tang suits! (Tang suits ka nama dia tu sis? LOL)

The first few photos snapped! Warm up dulu!
Lepas tu semua sibuk bertouch up for more photo sessions! Hahahaaha

Oh itu restoran macam kami yang punya terus!! Hahahah.. It’s like meeting old friends padahal it was my first time meeting Stella (even though she was my high school junior) and Edith.

The happy kids!
Kuai2 dorang duduk di bawah meja tingu mumy dorang berphotoshoot! LOL

Me and daughter!

L : Stella and daughter
R : Julie and daughter

My daughter yang shy-shy cat at the beginning trus ‘hilang kemaluan’ bila sis Mouren’s son started approach her. As how she calls her bro Rayyan, she called him “Koko” too; means brother in Cantonese. They ran here and there sambil pigang-pigang tangan. Cute betul!

Sis Mouren's hubby sibuk tambah-tolak-darab-bahagi bil kami! Hihihihi..

Mmm.. I tot I wanna make only 1 post for LBLG but I got lot of photos pula ni!

Btw, you may hop over to Edith's Part 1 and Part 2 LBLG stories and Stella's full stories and more pics of LBLG.

Ba.. Stay tuned for our group photos… *wink*

Psstt sis Mouren and Julie... sila post entry anda! Hahaahahahah..

Monday, February 25, 2013

CNY 2013 : V-Day!

In Hokkien dialect, Chap Goh Mei means the 15th night of Chinese New Year. It is celebrated with prayers and offerings to mark the end of CNY. So, yeahh... CNY is overrr yesterday and so do my 3 days CNY Kepayan-Kuala Penyu-Beaufort-Labuan stories. *wink*

Before I rant bout the most waited LBLG stories, I have to share bout my V-Day first. Sabar kamu aa... Hihihi..

No special celebration with Hubby on V-Day as he has returned back to KL on 13/2. I only wished him via FB! Most of you will agree with me that V-Day can always be celebrated other than 14/2 rite?! *wink*

Hence, I spent my V-Day with my mom and kids wandering at KK by feet!! Naa.. siok kan?! 

Jalan-jalan sampai Suria!

Anak-anak.. begini la mummy time kicil.. :D

Anak-anak bila sdh penat, mcm-mcm la ragam. Mau susu la.. mau duduk la.. panas la.. mau dukung la.. mau mainan la... haishh... It makes me imagine my mom holding me and bro on each side at our young age. We need a lot of patience dealing with kids. Or else, we'll just stuck at home going nowhere sbb malas mau layan kerenah anak-anak!

After we were home, Jue fetched me. Oppss... the hubby fetched me and dropped us at Waterfront! Jajal betul ni dua sumandak.. heheheheh..

If you knew, Jue and I are besties! We have known for 20years! We grew up in the same housing area and we went to the same high school - SM Stella Maris. We even went to church and attended sunday schools together. So yeahh... she is one of the must-meet-up person whenever I went back to KK. No matter how hard it is, we will always find ways for a meet-up. *grin*

We have a nice 'tea-time-chat' while catching the sunset at the Waterfront! It was her first time there and my second time. Thanks to my cousin for taking us there on my first nite in KK. 

Btw, I didn't know there was a fire that destroyed 3 outlets at the Waterfront few hours before that. The worst part is the firefighters found a man's body among the burn out things after the fire was put-out! Buli pula kami relax2 duduk2 few outlets away from the fired outlets! Doiii!!

Anyway, we wandered at CP after our sunset-chat at Waterfront before we filled up our tummy! Hehehhe..

It is always great to meeting up with friends specially BFF!! There are so much things to catch up even though we are always been updated with FB! Rite guys?!

See you in May, Julie!!

Ok.. LBLG coming up next!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

CNY 2013 : Labuan

After the wedding, we rushed to Menumbok. Parked our car and took speedboat to Labuan. The fare has reduced from RM15 to RM7.50/pax. 

I bet my mom will never want to sit in the speedboat again!

It took us 45 mins to arrive Labuan that afternoon due to strong waves. Macam terlambung-lambung ba kami d dalam! 2-3 passengers including my bro who is sitting at the front area were all wet! A makcik sitting in front of me was reciting Doa. Terkumat kamit mulut dia. While another lady cover her face with shawl. Takut tgk tu laut yg bergelora kali!

My kids on the other hand enjoy pula naik speedboat! Syabas anak-anak ku! *wink*

At home, my cousins have been waiting for us. Didn't meet them for quite some times even our kids have never been met! 

Beruniform pula dorang! Cute kan?!

While my aunt busy entertaining their guests at nite in conjunction with their CNY Open House, me and cousins catching up stories. The kids pun busy main!

Berebut2 ba dorang naik tu keta!

We only stayed 1 nite in Labuan coz hubby and my bro are returning to KL on the following day. Otherwise, we would have consider to stay there longer! There will always be next time rite!

Perasan bujang padahal... hihihihihi...
Going back to Menumbok the next day... Naa... mom refused to take speedboat no matter what. Apa lagi.. mcm d perantauan pula kami rasa dalam tu ferry! Hmmm... You get what am I trying to say?

The most important thing is my kids enjoy the ride very much! ^_^ 

Happy weekend ppl!

Friday, February 22, 2013

CNY 2013 : Day 2 - Lydia & Kevin's Wedding

We left Kuala Penyu for Beaufort as early as 6.30am when everyone were still in their la-la-land.. some of them have just doze off as they have just finished with kua-mirah!

We purposely left early to avoid kelam kabut, besides I asked for make up by my cousin's friend. *wink* We knew we were early coz everyone there specially the guys were still in their 'baru-bangun mode'. LOL The ladies on the other hand were getting ready for make ups. Long queue! Hah!

Oh, in case you missed my previous entries.. we were actually attending my cousin, Lydia & hubby Kevin's wedding solemnization at St Valentine Church and thereafter their wedding reception at Dewan Baru Beaufort.

The bride is ready!

Lydia is my closest cousin. She is my mom's late bro daughter. We stayed in KL together once before she decided to go back Sabah for good one month after my wedding. Yes, we shared lots of secrets! Heheheh..

Thanks to CathJ for a lovely peplum!
If you know her condition, you know she has working hard to get this ready for me!
Thanks again  my friend! *hugs*

The bro and mom walked her to the aisle
I only witness the beginning and the end part of the solemnization as both my kids throwing tantrum! Hubby and I have to feed them with 'nenen' inside the car before we went back to the church. So I missed the 'Yes-I-Do' part! Hmmm... 

There was another couple's solemnization after Lydia's and most of their family members have been conquering the church's foyer. Otherwise, we could spare some times for photo sessions.

I have to fully rely on my hp as my camera was out of batt!! Aduiii..

2nd aisle for the newly wed couple! 

sayang betul ni pic blur!

Oh if you notice, I have changed my baju too coz we have to rush to Labuan after we took this pic

The sad part is most of my family didn't attend the wedding due to some family issues. *sigh* What ever it is, I am very happy for her. Blessed wedding to my  dearest cousin. Congratulation! 

Labuan's stories next!

CNY 2013 : Kuala Penyu

After Kepayan, the original plan was to head to my cousin's house in Beaufort and overnight there. However, mom wanted to dropped by at kampung (Kuala Penyu) first. It was already 5.30pm when we reached kapung, hence we decided to overnight at kampung instead and head to Beaufort early in the morning the next day.

I didn't really captured lots of photos at kampung. After makan and some fireworks, the kids were busy with their own gadgets. The adult main kua mirah with some beers! Hah! 

My kampung house. This is the 3rd unit. The first one has been disposed. The 2nd one has been ignored without anyone staying. Some family issues. Biasa la tu kan!
Cantik sdh jalan dia kan.. aspal! Sebelum ni msh lagi gravel.

Visiting mom's land which is just few steps away. Besar juga tu tanah. Buli buat 2-3 biji rmh kicil! :)
Mom is saying wanna apply the PRT house. 

Simple dinner for us.. queue juga ambil makanan. :)

Oh kids!! They were sooo busy with gadgets!
Kita dulu mana ada kan? Main bubut ada la! Heheheh

My lovely grandparent before and after 50yrs! 

Btw, Rose Flower who happened to be my aunty has invited me thru FB to her house on 2nd day CNY. Siou aunty.. nda sampat!!

Cousin's wedding coming up next...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

CNY 2013 : Day 1 - Kepayan

Mom's siblings (from 2 different moms. My grandpa married twice and both of the wives are sisters!) will discuss among themselves as to which house they will gather on CNY morning. So this year, we gathered at one of my aunts house at Kepayan.

After so many years, I think more than 20 years, it was my first time visiting the house! The standard wooden kepayan rumah baru house has transformed to a 'bungalow'! Ok.. a bit exaggerating! But yes... it is no longer    wood! 

Meriah kan??

Semua mau dukung c Lily!

Mom and siblings handing angpows to their parent

I remember I used to queue up for angpow! Now is my kids' turn!
The lady is my youngest aunt! *wink*

Mom and siblings..

Most of us were there except families from Labuan who will be organizing an open house the next day and families from Beaufort who is busy with the wedding next day.

CNY @ Kuala Penyu next up next...

CNY 2013 : Pasar Malam & Rumah Terbalik

So, I start with things happening before CNY...

On the 8/2, we decided to check in at Promenade Service Apartment at Api-Api. It's our second time staying here. The first one was during Raya 2011.  But this time we booked Family Suite instead of Studio Suite

We are paying RM120++ for the above spacious room. Worth it rite?

Our room's view! 

Oh well... if you wonder why are we staying here since my aunt's house is just 5mins away from KK City or Tg Aru to be exact.. mom and I were actually looking forward to wander at the Pasar Malam. Mom calls it as Pasar Malam Besar as the Pasar Malam held a nite before the CNY's Eve and the Pasar Malam operating until dawn. 

Guess what, I never went to the Pasar Malam Besar all these while! Geezzzz... So, yeahh.. I'm quite exciting to explore the Pasar Malam. 

However, we only managed to make a quick one-round coz of my cranky kids!!! *sigh* 

So before we headed back to our room, we stopped to tapau some foods for dinner at the food stalls at Pasar P*lak aka Pasar Filipin! 

After the kids have doze-off, mom and bro decided to explore the Pasar Malam for 2nd round! Phewww..

The next day, me, hubby and Rayyan 'check-out' early as we planned to make a day trip to Ranau. However, hubby has un-easy feelings aka bad instinct. So, we made a U-turn at Tamparuli and decided to visit Rumah Terbalik!

Jom self-service layan pics... *wink*

Lifting Kancil?! Like seriously?? Heheheh

Liking the Gong idea before entering!

Sayang pula teda my dotter!

Entrance fee!

Unfortunately, indoor photography is prohibited. 

Check out CathJ's review here.

CNY's stories coming up next..