Thursday, February 21, 2013

CNY 2013 : Day 1 - Kepayan

Mom's siblings (from 2 different moms. My grandpa married twice and both of the wives are sisters!) will discuss among themselves as to which house they will gather on CNY morning. So this year, we gathered at one of my aunts house at Kepayan.

After so many years, I think more than 20 years, it was my first time visiting the house! The standard wooden kepayan rumah baru house has transformed to a 'bungalow'! Ok.. a bit exaggerating! But yes... it is no longer    wood! 

Meriah kan??

Semua mau dukung c Lily!

Mom and siblings handing angpows to their parent

I remember I used to queue up for angpow! Now is my kids' turn!
The lady is my youngest aunt! *wink*

Mom and siblings..

Most of us were there except families from Labuan who will be organizing an open house the next day and families from Beaufort who is busy with the wedding next day.

CNY @ Kuala Penyu next up next...


  1. Wah! Hampir semua pakai merah-merah. "Ong" coming coming. Hahaha.. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family =D

  2. Siok tingu gmbr ko smua merah2 :)
    Ramai pla peminat si Lily ni. Ingat kami ja yg berabis mo dukung dia hari tu hehe...


You're 'bout to corner... ;p