Friday, February 22, 2013

CNY 2013 : Day 2 - Lydia & Kevin's Wedding

We left Kuala Penyu for Beaufort as early as 6.30am when everyone were still in their la-la-land.. some of them have just doze off as they have just finished with kua-mirah!

We purposely left early to avoid kelam kabut, besides I asked for make up by my cousin's friend. *wink* We knew we were early coz everyone there specially the guys were still in their 'baru-bangun mode'. LOL The ladies on the other hand were getting ready for make ups. Long queue! Hah!

Oh, in case you missed my previous entries.. we were actually attending my cousin, Lydia & hubby Kevin's wedding solemnization at St Valentine Church and thereafter their wedding reception at Dewan Baru Beaufort.

The bride is ready!

Lydia is my closest cousin. She is my mom's late bro daughter. We stayed in KL together once before she decided to go back Sabah for good one month after my wedding. Yes, we shared lots of secrets! Heheheh..

Thanks to CathJ for a lovely peplum!
If you know her condition, you know she has working hard to get this ready for me!
Thanks again  my friend! *hugs*

The bro and mom walked her to the aisle
I only witness the beginning and the end part of the solemnization as both my kids throwing tantrum! Hubby and I have to feed them with 'nenen' inside the car before we went back to the church. So I missed the 'Yes-I-Do' part! Hmmm... 

There was another couple's solemnization after Lydia's and most of their family members have been conquering the church's foyer. Otherwise, we could spare some times for photo sessions.

I have to fully rely on my hp as my camera was out of batt!! Aduiii..

2nd aisle for the newly wed couple! 

sayang betul ni pic blur!

Oh if you notice, I have changed my baju too coz we have to rush to Labuan after we took this pic

The sad part is most of my family didn't attend the wedding due to some family issues. *sigh* What ever it is, I am very happy for her. Blessed wedding to my  dearest cousin. Congratulation! 

Labuan's stories next!


  1. you look great in that peplum cath made. Your little girl bah, remind me of me oo time kici2. macam rupa sy time kici haha bkn sy mau cakap sy kuit ar ;P hehehe

    1. I think peplum makes look plum.. Hmm.. If u see the small version of me, lg la kena ckp fotostat muka kami. Hehhehe

  2. you look so gojesss.... dengki oh sama org slim ni.... saya berchemo makin naik pula badan... yaiks!!!!! hahahahhaha...

    1. Thanks cath. jgn la ba kau minta2 terkurus cath.. nampak tmbah sakit nnt.. yg penting, itu ginawo misti mau snang! hehehehe..


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