Friday, February 22, 2013

CNY 2013 : Kuala Penyu

After Kepayan, the original plan was to head to my cousin's house in Beaufort and overnight there. However, mom wanted to dropped by at kampung (Kuala Penyu) first. It was already 5.30pm when we reached kapung, hence we decided to overnight at kampung instead and head to Beaufort early in the morning the next day.

I didn't really captured lots of photos at kampung. After makan and some fireworks, the kids were busy with their own gadgets. The adult main kua mirah with some beers! Hah! 

My kampung house. This is the 3rd unit. The first one has been disposed. The 2nd one has been ignored without anyone staying. Some family issues. Biasa la tu kan!
Cantik sdh jalan dia kan.. aspal! Sebelum ni msh lagi gravel.

Visiting mom's land which is just few steps away. Besar juga tu tanah. Buli buat 2-3 biji rmh kicil! :)
Mom is saying wanna apply the PRT house. 

Simple dinner for us.. queue juga ambil makanan. :)

Oh kids!! They were sooo busy with gadgets!
Kita dulu mana ada kan? Main bubut ada la! Heheheh

My lovely grandparent before and after 50yrs! 

Btw, Rose Flower who happened to be my aunty has invited me thru FB to her house on 2nd day CNY. Siou aunty.. nda sampat!!

Cousin's wedding coming up next...


  1. Budak tu semua bah masing2 sama gadget....kalau kita dulu sudah tu berbubut2 di bawah kolong...nda pandai masuk rumah selagi nda kena teriak oleh mamak....

  2. paling syok oh kan family gathering ^_^

  3. Uii budak budak.. dulu2 either tgk tv or main bubut2 ja.. patut kena kasi tapuk semua tu gadget2 tu.. hehe

  4. Muka c rayyan excited jak sia tinguk dpt pijak tanah aa :D


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