Friday, February 15, 2013

CNY's Teasers

Hi all!! missing me?? *wink*

Bersiaran secara langsung dari KK!! Yeehaaa..

Enjoying my CNY to the fullest! Some teasers here..

CNY Day 1 @ Kepayan

Oh yess.. we were all in RED!!

Back to kampung Kuala Penyu after Kepayan

CNY Day 2  - cousin Lydia & Kevin's wedding @ Beaufort

'cruised' to Labuan after the wedding!
Meeting their cousin's in Labuan for the 1st time!

Will blog in details once I'm back to routine in KL!!

Till then.. GONG XI FA CAI!!

See you at the Ladies Bloggers Lunch Gath tomorrow! :D


  1. siok tingu2 gambar ni Just..especially tu 2 budak yg kiut

  2. Banyak ko mau blog nanti ni. hehe...

  3. cute c lily..meriah kan suasana sambut CNY d kampung halaman

  4. Wah merah menyala tu budak2 tapi cute.....hehe

  5. Lama sudah sia ndak ber CNY di KK jeles sia nmpk kamurang heheheh Enjoy to the fullest Just :)


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