Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ladies Blogger Lunch Gathering - Finale

Both Edith and Stella wrote and describe very well about each and everyone of us who showed up at the LBLG. Nasip baik 5 org ja kami! Hehehehe…

So, here’s mine…

I start with Julie aka Jue first.

Julie is one of my besties who started blogging 3 years ago tp ada jg hilang2 dari blogosphere. Hihihihi..

We have known for 20 years. We grew up in the same housing area and we went to the same high school – SM Stella Maris. We even went to church and attended Sunday schools together.  Copy pasted from previous post! Hahaha..

She is a soft spoken person and quite ‘reserved’. She doesn’t really talk much unless you ask! She might not be secretive but she keeps most of things to herself. If you are not seeing any smile on her face, that’s mean she is not in a very good mood or she is not feeling well! J Diam-diam ubi berisi, laju dia lari tau! Heheheh…

Can’t wait to be there for you on your BIG Day in May Julie!

Still waiting for Jue's version of LBLG thou'

She is one of the Stellarian bloggers and the first blogger I met. Been following her blog since 2009 and I met her personally, just the two of us, in Sept 2010. Read my entry and Sis Mouren's entry on our first meet up.

The quality meet up has created chemistry between us. I got myself a lovely sister from then on!  To be the eldest and the one and only daughter in my small family, it’s great to have a sister – kakak ba!

With our lovely kids!

As gorgeous as her blog name, yes she is gorgeous, happy go lucky and outspoken. A very dedicated and talented mother as well. She can dance and sing very well. Manang banyak kali jg owh! Hehehehe.. Blessed with coming-to-16yo Chef-Hubby and 3 soldiers make her the one and only Queen in da house! Bukan queen control tau! Heheheh..

Finally, her version of LBLG is up!

So sis.. I see you again in this coming May?! ;p

Another Stellarian! My 1yr junior. She was my SIL’s (time tu  belum jadi SIL lg) ex-classmate. What a small world kan?!  

It was my first time meeting her in person even tho’ I had been following her blog since 2010 or is it 2009?? *garu kepala*

A sweet and soft spoken lady with wide smile! Blessed with a loving and full of surprise hubby and a soldier!  A princess after this Stel? Hihihihi…

Her new found interest which is baking has more or less occupied her full time housewife’s schedule. Siap ada order lagi. *thumbs up* Btw, it was her Choc Fondant Lava Cake that has made me working in the kitchen, for baking!  Hah!! 

Stella's Part 1 and more pics of LBLG.

She has just started with blogging in July last year. I consider myself as her first few new followers.

A lovely soft spoken lady with dimple! Loving nature and outdoor. If sis Mouren has 3 soldiers, she has 3 princesses! Sampai bertarik rambut tau princess dia! Jgn main2.. hahahha…

Btw, sempat lagi dia komen psl my maroon-nails! Hahahaha…

Cat biasa-biasa ja.. tidak terrer macam c Chegu Carol

Edith's Part 1 and Part 2 of LBLG.

All in all, we had so much fun during the gathering. I’m sure they are great ladies to hang out with if time permits! 

Till we meet again ladies! 


  1. Huhuh...saya lagi tu 1st intro..hehehh

    1. hehehehe... sia kanal ko dulu ba! :D

  2. Sa mau belajar jadi Queen control tapi tu gaya pandai under control pulak haha!

    Alt-control cute kita punya gambar-gambar ni. Hehehe..

    1. hahahhaah... kalau mau jadi queen control pun, non of our biz ba kan sis... hahahah..

  3. I like the way you write about us. Mula2 sya bingung juga ko tulis SIL.. lama2 baru sya ingat, sya satu kelas sama si Eva ba pula kan hahaha.. Lawa2 itu gambar, sya mau oh hehehe

    1. hehehe.. ba nnt sia emel ko.. apa emel ko tu? sia nda dpt send thru fb.. kena block. dr hp nda dpt attach pic. sia mau tu pic kita tmpt ko. nnt ko emel sia aa..

    2. Ok, nanti saya emel ko. Emel saya :)


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