Friday, February 08, 2013

My Samsung WB150F!

You remember I posted about Smart Camera?? Camera with WI-FI feature?! 

I bet everyone knows bout Samsung Galaxy Camera which was launched couple months ago! Opss... tiada kaitan sebenarnya kamera tu dalam entry ni. Ngeh ngeh ngeh... RM1,899 ok! Not affordable! Baik saya beli Samsung Note!! Hahahaha... 

So, I rewarded myself with Samsung WB150F. Also a smart camera which is within my budget! Itu yg penting!

Lets just say I actually won myself a RM50 voucher (on any camera above RM500) via an online store -

I came across via a blogger friend who shared her experience purchasing camera from the said online store.

Since I did not have enough time to shop around.  I decided to purchase my dream camera at and redeemed my RM50 voucher. It was my first time buying gadget via online. Thanks to the review made by the fellow blogger friend.

So, I  dropped an e-mailed to enquire bout the particular model on last Sunday. They replied promptly. Macam ber-whatsapp pula kami! *wink*

My only concern is that the camera won't reach me before I fly off to KK on Wed. convinces me that if I can confirm the order and make payment on that day itself (Sunday), they will courier the camera to me on the next day via GDex and I will be able to receive it on Tuesday and bring the camera back to KK on Wednesday! Ngeh ngeh...

Cut story shorts, I made my payment and already received my camera on Tuesday! *smiling ear to ear*

As much as I wanted to have a white camera, unfortunately they only have black and red for this model. Hence, I opted RED. Same colour with my cheongsam! Hah!!

The red Samsung WB150F
RP : RM649

I strongly recommend you guys to shop your dream camera without worries at! Pay today - post out tomorrow (weekdays only) - receive item the following day! *thumbs up*

To all who are celebrating CNY, happy makan besar tomorrow!


  1. wah! I also wanted to buy that smart camera but I still love my canon s100 :)

    have fun with the new camera and takes lots of pictures!

  2. cool!! thanks for im browsing through the vstore...hehe

  3. Rm649 only? Murahnya tu Just! Woot woot boleh bawa time gathering nanti hehe :)

  4. Waa... semart lah tu camera Just.. huhu.. merah lagi tu..

  5. thanks for the info Just. kebetulan betul saya pun sedang mencari kamera baru..buli lah saya godek2 web yg ko suggest ni..:)

  6. ntah mana sudah my camera. hilang terus hahaha... simpan buat pekasam kali hehe.


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