Thursday, February 07, 2013

RM200 smartphones rebate

I might be in KK now but I managed to made some auto-published posts here.. :D

Raise your hand if anyone of you eligible for the RM200-smartphone-rebates?? Your younger siblings perhaps? Coz its for youths aged between 21 to 30 years with monthly income less than RM3,000.

Of coz, I am not eligible la kan. My bro is eligible tho.  

So, we thought of using bro's 'online-voucher' to upgrade mom's existing hp to a smartphone. *wink*

My cousin advised us to go to SenHeng instead of Telco's centres coz at Telcos, they will usually try their best to sell their monthly plan packages.

SenHeng, we went. All affordable-less-than-RM1000 models are out-of-stock! *sigh*

The worst part was.. buat hal la pula hp my mom! Merajuk la tu... hmm... By hook or by crook, my mom desperately need new hp! So, without using the voucher, she managed to get herself a pink Samsung Galaxy Y which costed her RM380! 

Mom's hp. Photo credits Mr. Google!
Terkial-kial my mom mau touch the hp!
Kadang2 tu, dari pagi call sampai petang baru dia dpt answer call!
Oh my mommy!! LOL!

Thinking of the going-to-expired voucher, I enquired at some Telcos. Mana tau ada luck! However, they are also running out of stock for less-than-RM1k models!! *sigh*

Hence, I rewarded myself with another gadget! *wink*

Stay tune in my next entry kio


  1. Sya nda lyk...terlebih umur suda....huhu

  2. Ko dpt juga ar..Saya blm lagi..mau guna nama adik tapi blm tanya dia lagi..heheeh..bila dia pun last date tu...?

  3. 350 sy bli tu samsung y last year d jhor....pnya untung tu klu bli gna rebat.hehe..btw, 1 kali ja ka ble gna tu rebat 200?


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