Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Cheongsam Ladies in LBLG Part 1!

It’s time for the Ladies Blogger Lunch Gathering (LBLG)!! Yeahhh…

It was held at Airways Putatan (sis Mouren’s fav place and mine too! Hihihi…) on 16/2/13 at 12noon.

What makes the LBLG special is the C.H.E.O.N.G.S.A.M theme!

I believe everyone were pretty excited of the idea that all of us posted special entry about our own cheongsam which is good too. So that we would have colorful cheongsams during the LBLG! Heheheh..  

I know sis Mouren was half an hour early coz I saw her update at FB! Stella and Edith were already there too when I texted Sis Mouren informing Jue and I were on our way. Sorry la ladies... I was late for the previous meet up too! Hmm..

YESS… All 5 of us (Sis Mouren, Stella, Edith, Jue and I) were showing off our C.H.E.O.N.G.S.A.M! Even my daughter, sis Mouren’s son and her hubby cum our photographer were also in Cheongsam and Tang suits! (Tang suits ka nama dia tu sis? LOL)

The first few photos snapped! Warm up dulu!
Lepas tu semua sibuk bertouch up for more photo sessions! Hahahaaha

Oh itu restoran macam kami yang punya terus!! Hahahah.. It’s like meeting old friends padahal it was my first time meeting Stella (even though she was my high school junior) and Edith.

The happy kids!
Kuai2 dorang duduk di bawah meja tingu mumy dorang berphotoshoot! LOL

Me and daughter!

L : Stella and daughter
R : Julie and daughter

My daughter yang shy-shy cat at the beginning trus ‘hilang kemaluan’ bila sis Mouren’s son started approach her. As how she calls her bro Rayyan, she called him “Koko” too; means brother in Cantonese. They ran here and there sambil pigang-pigang tangan. Cute betul!

Sis Mouren's hubby sibuk tambah-tolak-darab-bahagi bil kami! Hihihihi..

Mmm.. I tot I wanna make only 1 post for LBLG but I got lot of photos pula ni!

Btw, you may hop over to Edith's Part 1 and Part 2 LBLG stories and Stella's full stories and more pics of LBLG.

Ba.. Stay tuned for our group photos… *wink*

Psstt sis Mouren and Julie... sila post entry anda! Hahaahahahah..


  1. Adeh ada part 2 lg ka Just. Oh sya nda sabar mo baca hihihi.. Btw, cute oh si lily..geram sya tingu ni hihi

    1. hihihi.. kasi saspen ba! oh c lily mmg slalu bikin gerigitan! :)

  2. Waa..panjang juga story ko Just..heheh..Siap ada Part 2 lagi..hmmm...

    1. bnyk ba gambar.. so buat part by part la.. silap2 ada part 3 lagi owh! hahaaha

  3. Sa inda ingat on some of the pictures. Rupa2nya sempat lgi si Jue berpeace di sana haha...:)
    Macam hampir sma ja senyuman kita ni tau. Mungkin telampau banyak kali tingu gambar2 yg hampir sama hehe...

    1. ko sibuk kira $$ ba tu.. tu yg ko nda perasan c jue berpeace2.. hahaha.. senyuman fotostat kan! hahahhaha

  4. Heee..guna part part juga ko ah sis. Sa mendraf juga ni. Nda tau apa nama tu baju cina laki sa tu tapi sa ckp baju Wong Fei Hong haha!

    1. terjebak sia buat entry part by part. hehehhe.. kalau gitu, kasi nama baju fong sai yuk pun buli la kan.. heheheh


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