Saturday, March 02, 2013

Day 2 - 20 Facts About You

20 facts about me in ABC..

Asai is my other half!

Breast Cancer is a nightmare to me but I choose to stay positive and live life to the fullest!

I’m a Capricorn!

Daddy-less since 10yo. He is still around but not with us.  

Ferrero Rocher. My fav indulgence!

Grey. Most of my footwear is greyish!

Hong Kong dramas –  used to watch them and pick up Cantonese from those dramas

Indonesia, I’m coming!

Jet Ski has been in my bucket list since schooling.

Kuala Lumpur where I got myself stuck here since 1999! *Bila la mau balik KK ni??*

Mandarin is one of my daily speaking languages!

Nescafe for breakfast is a must!

Orange – my least fav colour

Putatan - my growing up area. Seen the transformation from nothing to something. 
Glad that I invested a property there.

Rayyan and Ryanna are my precious!

Singapore - my first oversea trip!

Tamoxifen - my must-consume ‘vitamin’ for 5 years!

With one of my bodyguards
UPM – where I graduated from

X-ray done for the first time when I broke my arm when I was in kindie!

Some letters have been omitted! *wink*


  1. Glad u did this. Now i know more about u even tho we hv been blogger friends for quite some time now. :)

    1. hehehhe... siok sikit mau baca kalau buat psl diri sendiri in 1 entry kan.. trus kanal! hehehe

  2. adeiiii.... nda suka tu B sama T tau... hihihihihi....

  3. ABC about you! I give you A for this post! ;)

  4. siuk jg o post ini..:)
    time p penang n langkawi last year memang mau sngt berjetski tapi ombak terlalu besar so terpaksa kansel

    1. hehehe... ada lagi baitu next time kan.. :D

  5. Sia kiciwa sbb nda dpt berjet-ski time pi Langkawi..Tight budget ba..huhu

    Baru sia tau ko suka 'grey' owh..hehehe

    1. tepa moy... ada lg chance baitu next time.. ;p

      kalau ko tnya sia, sia bilang sia suka purple.. tp nda jg bnyk purple collection sia.. hahahah

  6. hi just.. first time komen here but long time silent reader..slamat berkenalan.. follow u odi :)


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