Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 20 – Difficult time in your life

Growing up without daddy since 10yo. Somehow, I personally think that we are ok with it.  The difficult part of it, of coz mom has to work hard to raise us without any financial support from dad. Kalau tgh bulan habis beras, habis gas, mmg sgt menyedihkan! Berapa sgt la gaji promoter kan?! Eventually, three of us (mom, me and bro) live happily. Mom must be very proud of herself! And I’m very proud of her too!

First year without daddy
To be diagnosed with BC is indeed a nightmare! It leaves me no choice but to complete treatments as suggested by doctor. Luckily my company is taking care of all the medical expenses. If it’s not, I don’t think I’ll be ‘happily’ completed my treatments. Well, at least I don’t have to think much bout the bills rite?!

during chemo

Marriage. Difficult? Honestly, yup! LOL To be honest, many things had happened in these 6 years. Anyway, every relationship will encounter thick and thin, high and low moments. So yaa… I just go with the flow. Pray everything will be alright and that we will be celebrating wedversary for many more years. Amin.  It was not easy to be together, hence we can't easily give up!

the rings


  1. Life must goes on..kan walau apa pun yang terjadi...

  2. Pray that everything will goes smoothly.. :)
    I'm proud of you and ur mom. Despite the difficulties, you can carry on life successfully..

  3. I understand, I understand. Your mom is humble person, tidak sangka 'garang' semangat dia mau kasi besar kamu dua.

    The BC. Pantang berputus asa bah1

    The marriage. Paling susah mau handle know I know...we both know; it's about forgive, forgetting and happily ever after *aik, macam cerita Nora Elena (Aaron Aziz) drama TV3 pula :P*

    1. hahahha.. sempat ko kasi kait sama c aaron aziz aa sis! hahahahah.. life is like drama la ba sinang ckp kan sis.. ;p

  4. i feel you.its really hard to grow up without a daddy. i be yr mom is the strongest person in the world. I respect her.

    and yes,being together is not tat easy..esp when we've been into the relationship for quite sometimes..there will always up and down moment. it is depend to the individual itself in how to handle the situation. It makes me worried and scared with the commitment sometime. i can't just imagine myself. but i believe God will never let his child to walk alone.

    And Ive read about your chemo quite a while ago. i mean few months back. You are the strongest person I must say. God bless you.

    1. Well, life has to go on kan.. god bless you too.. :)


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