Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 30 - What's in your makeup bag/closet

I don't carry any makeup bag, 
however i do carry a doraemon-pouch-bag in my handbag 
other than my pouch-purse! Hihihih..

My doraemon-pouch-bag
'comes with' brooch (as marked)! Hah!!
Naa... the brooch is just for emergency purposes! *wink*

The contents!
Banyak juga barang kan!
1. Hospital appointment cards
2. Note book - ignore the "address"
3. Pepper spray
4. Avon's Women on Earth Purse Concentre
5. In2It lipstick
6. Dettol hand sanitizer
7. Bag hanger
8. Silkygirl compact powder
9. Plaster
10. Sewing kit
11. Touch pen
12. Pen
13. Card reader
14. Mom's hand watch - promise to change the band for her

Happy weekend ppl!

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