Thursday, March 07, 2013

Day 7 – VIP Person

Revised of My Pet Hates

I don’t have pets.. so yeahh… tukar tajuk! *wink*

Can you guess who will be the VIP person in my heart??

Without her, I will not be in this world.

She is my mom and she is my dad at the same time! She worked very hard to raise us both me and bro after dad left us. It was indeed one of our difficult times!

Love to see her smiling face
Back then, she is no best friend to me. She used to leave home early to work and when she is home, she will be busy with house chores. We don’t really have “heart to heart” session. Glad that we have overcome the ‘probs’. She’s like my buddies now. I can share my probs if I want to which sometimes I refused coz I don’t wanna make her worries.

I want to be strong and gritty like her!

A zillion thanks will never be enough... I wish that I can give her happiness…

You are my HERO(IN) mommy!


  1. Sebak pulak sia baca entry nie :(

  2. Your post makes me miss my mum too...:)

  3. My mom is no my best friend too but time changes everything. Your mom is humble person and I'm happy talking to her for the first time during our gath day. Feeling like I'm talking to my own mom! ;)

    1. Thanks sis.. siok ni kalau mau bergather2 d rmh kan.. heheheh

  4. Replies
    1. peluk ur mom kalau ko jumpa dia. :)

  5. iya bh..mcm kawan ni mama.. bila sa suda kawin tamba rapat sa sama mama sa ni

    1. sbb kita tau sdh apa drg rasa selama ni kan.. so sinang minta advice. :)


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