Thursday, April 11, 2013

Banjir di Masjid Jamek

A one-hour thunderstorm started at 5.30pm yesterday had caused flash flood in KL city.

View from my office building
Jln Tun Razak heading to HKL 

Me and colleagues waited for about 20mins before we decided to meredah hujan with our small umbrella. Jgn payung tebalik / terbang sudah!! LOL

One of the affected area was Masjid Jamek, the transit station for Kelana Jaya / Gombak Line (Putra) and Sri Petaling / Ampang Line (Star). 

This is also my daily transit station. 

Been transit here since 2004 and this was the first time the area flooded! Gheezzzz...

I wonder how the employees at the area go back home yesterday? Huhuhuh...


  1. aiyo teruk jg o but I miss KL very much after see the photos..

    1. sgt teruk ni.. nda pernah2 banjir ni area..

  2. Replies
    1. ya mmg teruk ni.. nda pernah2 banjir area ni..

  3. Huhu...teruk juga banjir dia tu....

  4. Teruknya banjir sana kan moi. Alala..


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