Thursday, April 04, 2013

Fighting cancer : Sabah Snake Grass

To those who diagnosed with cancer, most probably are aware of the 'magic' of Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) / Pokok Belalai Gajah to cure cancer. Pls google. You may find lots of info bout SSG.

I also got to know about SSG after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Colleagues advised me to consume the SSG while waiting to be operated.

Taman Herbal YPL, Jelebu, is one of the well known supplier for SSG in Peninsular.

So, we went there two days before I was admitted for operation.

Look for this!

Parking area

SSG RM10/plastic bag

We bought 3 bags
So not use looking at myself with long hair. Hihihihi

The two round containers Uncle Yik's holding is RM25/container
Uncle Yik only allowed 2 containers per customer

Full details of the farm :

Yik Poh Ling Tropical Herbal Farm
Batu 7 Jalan Jelebu
71770 Pantai
Seremban Negeri Sembilan
Tel. Number : 012-6773693 (Uncle Yik).
Operation hour : Monday to Sunday 10am - 5pm

Leaves intake for cancer treatments :

Stage 1 : 30 leaves per day
Stage 2 : 50 leaves per day
Stage 3 : 100 leaves per day
Stage 4 : 150-200 leaves per day
* Reduce the number of leaves when patient get better

Consumption :

The best is to chew the fresh leaves. Or you can also opt to blend them with green apple. 

I need to re-planting SSG due to kena makan kucing! LOL


  1. Makan kucing ka kencing kucing? :P

  2. nanti mo cari d tamu gaya..

  3. Omo.. sihat lah tu kucing~ hehe

  4. Bagus pula tu kan untuk penyakit Kanser...

    1. ya.. tanam la bikin mkn utk pencegahan. :)

  5. saya rasa mcm tau ni pokok..klu x silap ada tanam dulu di rumah lama di kg tepi parit..hehehe
    bgus jugak kalau ubat kuku yg cagu..tumbuk dan bungkus pki mcm inai daun tu..

    1. ya mmg senang jumpa d sabah.. bnyk jg guna dia aa..

  6. Thanks for the great info!!!

    I have came across another reliable supplier too. They have HUGE FARMS of sabah snake grass farm in acres!!!

    Their source really helped many people.

    1. You info has given us a great help. It looks like a branded but affordable sabah snake grass.

      Really thanks to you bravo.

  7. Hai,

    I have a product which can keep your SSG fresh and lasting. This is actually a machine of packaging has been used by all butcher, fish manufacturer, tea supplier, and other whole grain supplier.

    But since it is to expensive and bulky. Now we have come out a new portable version. If you need more info. just reply me i will send to you.



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