Monday, April 01, 2013

Fish Manhattan vs Pygmy Elephants @ Sunway Pyramid

Hello April!

Have you been fooled today?!It's April Fool today, remember?!

For today, I just wanna share some pics taken last month where Tunung and I went to Sunway Pyramid to redeem Groupon's voucher to dine it at The Fish Manhattan Market. It was a treat by Tunung actually. Thanks moy!!

Our table was full with foods! If not mistaken, she is paying RM49 for Fried Giant Platter, salads, mussles and drinks for two. Mmg penuh tu meja. Menyesal tidak duduk d meja yg lebih besar. Hihihihi.. 

Overall, we were satisfied with the foods. What annoyed us was the 'original odour' of the foreign crews! Not sure where they came from but definitely not from South East or Asian.

Before leaving Sunway Pyramid, we went back to the event hall where we saw colourful elephants. 

Sunway Pyramid has initiated the EleFUN Holiday: A Pygmy Elephant Project, to create public awareness for the vulnerable wildlife and encourage shoppers to Go Green to save the elephants.

Very artistic kan?

Us with the elephants

That's all bout Sunway Pyramid! *wink*

1U lagi lepas ni moy?! Hahahahah...


  1. wahh..gajah cantik..hehehe
    lma da x pegi sunway piramid tu..

    1. sy pun jarang2 p sunway pyramid.. huhuhu

  2. Punya banyak tu makanan...abis kah kamu dorang jak..hehe

  3. Waa...Cute tu elephant oo..warna-warni nie...:-)

  4. byknya makanan! and semua kelihatan lazat..:)

    1. mmg lazat dan berkrim! hahahaha

  5. mcm big portion o tu makanan.. worth la tu kan just


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