Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Member to Sophie Paris

For the whole week until next Wednesday, I’ll be sitting at my prev post, Secretary to MD. Hmmm… Just hoping that the big boss will be on, err.. at least stable mood! Heheheh..

Btw, have you come across Sophie Paris Malaysia before? I was kinda attracted with their magazine-like catalogue before I decided to sign up as member.

Sophie Paris is my 2nd membership with MLM after Avon. *wink*

Heart the goodie-bag upon signing up
After work last Friday, we (me and Lin) went to the showroom to make some purchases. Mentang-mentang sdh gaji! Hhihihihi… 

Been eyeing new watch for months.

Left - old 5yo watch - still standing strong. tidak pernah tukar battery ok!
right - new watch - tgk brp lama buli tahan ni jam

At last, new watch replacing my 5yo watch.

Personally I think, this set is perfect for Mother's Day gift. Agree?

Feel free to browse the online catalogue here.

Kalau mau order dari saya pun bleh juga! *wink*


  1. saya juga member ini tapi x aktif..hehe. saja join untuk support kawan

    1. sy ni pun awal2 join ni ja excited ni.. lps bbrp bln mula la nda aktif ni. hahahahah

  2. Pernah juga nak join jadi member..Mahal2 juga handbag2 dia kan..Sini KK pun ada sdh stokis dia tu..Sn bundusan...nanti lah..mau tgk2 bag juga utk wedding..hehehh..

    1. buat apa ko pakai handbag time wedding? ko pegang bunga ja tu. hahahaha

  3. This is the first time I heard abt it. The name sound so nice I just thot it was tat book author for one second... haha


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