Friday, May 31, 2013


Day 2 – 24/5/13

We started our journey as early as 7.30am.

That's Pak Adam!

We will be going to Parapat, about 5hours from Medan city and thereafter cruise to Samosir Island.

macet.. macet.. (jem)
btw, sgt dekat jarak antara kereta! Phewww


We made 3 pit-stops before arriving Parapat.

8am : Pit-stops #1 - Gedung Batik & Telekung

Naa.. we just don’t have the mood to shop yet.

10.15am : Pit-stops #2 - Toilet-break (kikikiki)

11.30am : Pit-stops #3 - PATEN

Paten is famous with local snacks made from peanut with unique name such as teng teng, tung tung, tang tang, pong pong, etc. I bought 6 packs. Rp20,000 each (RM6++).

Journey continued...

1.30pm : First glimpse of Lake Toba. Excited sudah ni!

1.45pm : Arrival at Parapat. Lunch first!

Honestly, I really wanna skip lunch. Tapi, after kena pujuk… makan jg la.. nasi putih + kuah sikit + tempe ikan bilis! It was a package-meal, so I have to pay Rp45,000 (RM14++) for my lunch!

Me and Tunung also bought 2 pin-socket here. I brought mine but it only can connects to 1 device at 1 time. Hmmm.. The socket cost me Rp40,000 (RM12++).

Oh jangan la heran!
Parapat & Samosir Island are non-Muslim areas.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Medan Trip : Local simpack & Hotel Soechi International

Before I rant more bout the Hotel, here’s what happened upon arrival at the Polonia Airport, Medan.

I believe, our Guide, Pak Adam has been waiting for us for a while as our flight was delayed for almost an hour. So, we safely arrived in Medan at about 10pm local time.

I quickly approached him when I saw a man holding a paper stating “Group Ibu Just”! Hahahaha… I wished I had managed to snap it! Hmmm...

Our transport for this trip will be a mini-bus enuff for 18-seater. We were 10 all in total. 4 arrived earlier.
Dinner first, before check-in hotel.

Seriously, the foods there were just not my taste. We only touched 3 types of dishes. Surprisingly, the total bill was Rp370,000+++ (about RM120)??? We checked with Pak Adam. Pak Adam told us that the bill included their (guide, driver and asst driver’s meals) too. Pak Adam then returned Rp 70,000 to us. I have to take it as most of my friends showing ‘dark faces’. So, dinner cost us Rp50,000 (RM14++) per pax. Makan yg tiada2 ja pun… huhuuhhu..

Before heading to hotel, we purchased local simpack at the convenient shop next to the restaurant. The simpack – SIMPATI cost us Rp20,000 with Rp3,000 credit. We purchased additional top-up of Rp28,000. Well, we need data plan ok! Believe me, roaming will cost u a bomb!

For cheap-calling rate to Malaysia, you have to add 010176 in front the number you wanna dial. Eg 0192225555, you dial 0101760192225555. Memang murah! Boleh la gayut lama-lama. Seriously!

Hotel Soechi International Medan – our hotel for Nite 1 and Nite 3 in Medan.

Spacious room with complete amenities – slipper, kettle, instant drinks, toilet with bathtub, heater and hair-dryer, room-to-room calls, etc. (pretty standard stuff, you will know why I state all these later)

The hotel view - captured the next morning. Top pic taken at 6am local time and bottom pic after an hour.

The restaurant where we had our breakfast

The best part was the breakfast! The hotel offers variety foods for breakfast. Western foods as well as local foods.

The hotel!
Overall, we are satisfied with the hotel except the check-in process was quite slow thou’.

Wonder what had I spent with all these notes???
Stay tuned!

Ok.. journey begin as early as 7.30am on 24/5/13. *wink*

Oh btw, it's a girls' trip. My first ever girls' trip! When we first purchased the flight tix, Sept last yr, we were only 7pax, colleagues trip la konon. But then, I invited Tunung (check out her Part 1 Medan entry) along. Another kakak invited 4 of her friends to join along which made us 12 pax at first. However, kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan... the Kakak, who invited her friends been diagnosed with BCa. Hence, she has to undergo treatments. Another kakak also unable to join 2 days before departure due to some urgent matters. So, that made us 6pax + 4pax.
P/s : Happy Kaamatan to all sabahan specially those in Sabah


So, this is our FULL itinerary during our trip to Medan last week.

Day 01: KL – Medan


Ø  Flight departure KUL – Medan (ETD: 9.05 pm – Malaysia time)
Ø  Arrival in Polonia Airport, Medan (ETA: 9.00 pm - local time)
Ø  Check in hotel
Ø  Rest / free and easy

Day 02: Parapat – Samosir Island

Cruising to Samosir Island

Ø  Breakfast at the hotel
Ø  Depart to Parapat
Ø  Stop by at Paten Shop / Permatang Siantar
Ø  Arrival at Parapat
Ø  Cruise to Samosir Island
Ø  Visit Kg Ambarita & Kg Tomok
Ø  Check in hotel
Ø  Rest / free and easy

Day 03: Berastagi - Medan

Breath-taking view of Lake Toba

Ø  Breakfast  at the hotel
Ø  Check out hotel
Ø  Cruise back to Parapat
Ø  Depart to Berastagi
Ø  Photo stop at Simarjarunjung & Sipiso-piso waterfall
Ø  Arrival at Berastagi
Ø  Depart to Medan
Ø  Check in hotel 
Ø  Rest / free and easy

Day 04: Medan city tour - KL

Last Day mesti la shoppiiinnggg!!

Ø  Breakfast at the hotel
Ø  Check out hotel
Ø  Medan city tour – maimom palace / masjid raya
Ø  Shopping at Pajak Ikan
Ø  Flight departure Medan – KUL (ETD: 5.25 pm – local time)

Time diff - my watch with Malaysia time and my HP with local time

Ok.. will brag again sooonnn!! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Giveaway - The Winners

That's me with the great Lake toba's background!

So yeah.. The correct answer is MEDAN.

Congrats to Edith and Dora!

Pls email me with your address & hp no. Click at Contact Just k.

Thank you to those who has participated. Jgn sedih2, pasni saya buat giveaway lagi ek!

Will update bout Medan soon!

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Giveaway Ended!

Tengkiu sbb sudi join my Giveaway..

Pemenang pun sdh ketahuan! Hahahaa..

Saya announce besok ya!

One of the must-buy products!

Hari ini msh dlm proses mengembalikan mood bekerja.. sambil2 busy sorting out photos! *wink*

Happy Monday ppl!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Flashback Friday #4

May is the month of Kaamatan (Pesta Menuai) for Sabahans..
Naaa... I don't get the UN title... if you wonder! *tongue out*
Every time I were there on the stage, I just wanna make it fast and get down from the stage ASAP!
Mcmana mau manang kan?! LOL

Feel free to join my humble GIVEAWAY ya!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Giveaway : Just cuti-cuti di mana?

Hari ni mood happy sesgt sbb mlm ni.. rite after work nak terbang ke… oppss.. tak bleh info lg.

Kalau yang sudah tau tu, sila zip mulut anda… heheheh..

Khas utk kawan2 lain.. siapa2 yg dpt teka dgn tepat atau kalau takde yg tepat, saya ambil yg paling dekat dgn tmpt yg saya p tu.

Hint :
Kita akan bergelar jutawan selepas convert RM kita. Heheheh.. Mudah je kan?? Bg nama Bandar secara spesifik tau!

Tak payah buat entry bagai.. just komen kat entry ni je k!

Giveaway bermula dari 23/5/13 – 26/5/13 (12 tghmlm). Komen2 jawapan selepas 12tghmlm disqualified! Cehh! ;P

Pemenang akan menerima ole2 dari tmpt yg saya p tu… In Sha Allah keputusan selewat-lewatnya pada 29/5/13. J

Doakan semuanya berjalan dgn lancar, selamat pegi dan balik.. Amin..

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday : Colmar Tropicale

Been here once.
This time, we went up there with the newly wed couple last Saturday!

Was not in da mood to post any entry this week. Huhuhu..

Friday, May 17, 2013

On Mother's Day 2013!

After the Pastel Gath, we (Tunung, Sis Mouren and I) went back to Promenade Apt for quick rest and shower.

We have plenty plans on mind for that nite. Unfortunately, hujan rintik-rintik pula! We were hesitated to go anywhere far coz worried it might rain heavily.

Before p mansau2..

So, we ended up mansau2 di Wawasan and CP! LOL

The next morning, we headed to Gaya Street after breaky with Stella’s leftover cake! Hihihihii..

The leftover cake!

Perasan tourist betul kami! Hahahaha

Gaya Street of coz!

Sempat lagi p Wisma Merdeka, Segama and KK Plaza lepas tu!

After check-out, hantar Kakak Besar balik rumah di Putatan then we straight away went to Jue’s wedding reception at Dewan Tun Fuad Stephen Donggongon Penampang.

Met Jess (blue top) at Jue's reception.
She was Jue's collegemate back in Perak.
My first and last time meeting her was 11yrs ago!

We still got time before flying back to KL at 8pm, so we decided to lepak2 di Tg Aru Beach!

Itu sunset jg la paling manang!

Overall, we had a wonderful Mother’s Day ever! Jarang2 dpt 'celebrate' with friends on this very day!

To my mom, nnt kita bake cheese cake aa.. Love you mommy! J

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Ladies Blogger Pastel Gathering

From the church, we fetched our Kakak Besar, sis Mouren at her workplace first before we proceed to check-in. Besides, Sis Mouren has not put on her pastel outfit! Yayyy..

Oh yess… sis Mouren came up with the (check-in) idea once Tunung and I bought our flight tix 2 mths ago.  We wanna spend time together… So, yeahh why not?!

The rate for studio suite is as low as RM50/nite (exclude taxes).
This is online rates ya. Check out their 

It was my 3rd time check-in at Promenade ServiceApt, Api-Api. Worth it rite?

It’s time for the Ladies Blogger Pastel Gathering, which took place at Fullhouse, Suria Sabah.

We were late by 15mins. Margaret, CheguCarol, Stella and hubby were already there. This was my first time meeting Margaret.

Michelle Sung and her Gaman arrived when we were having our meals, followed by Flo. Wency, hubby and her lil hero showed up quite late tho’. Hence, she missed lots of the photo fun session. It was my first time meeting Michelle, Flo and Wency too.

Credit to Stella & hubby for the photos. 

Tgk la muka ceria kami!

before photoshoot, touch up dulu ba.. hahahaha...

We were having great time during the gath specially the photoshoot session. Thanks to Stella’s hubby for being our official self-appointed photographer! Hehehehe..

Group pic minus Wency!
Btw, a surprise by Stella!
Chocolate Moist Cake for the gath! Serious sedap!
Tidak rugi order sama dia! :D

Ber-gwiyomi! LOL

The Kakak Besar!

Wency in da house!
After 3 hours, we finally hugged each other goodbye. Carol, Margaret, Flo, Michelle & Gaman left earlier followed by Wency, hubby & son.

We, Sis Mouren, Tunung, Stella and I left after we bershooting-shooting sama itu kereta di Fullhouse! Oh my!! Semua mama budak buang tabiat! LOL

Me - mokirayou! LOL
All in all... nice meeting you all ladies! Till we meet again!

Guess what.. we are already planning for our next gath-away! *wink wink*