Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Congrats Julie!

It was already 1am when we reached my aunt’s house on Friday nite… Opss… Saturday morning! Terkacau tidur c anty truss.. siou anty!

Woke up at 7am, mandi manda, breaky, iron-meng-iron, getting ready and we left home at about 9.15am.

Yep, we are going to attend Jue’s church matrimony at St Simon Church, Duvanson, Penampang. Before that, am sending my aunt to her workplace first.

Oh yess... I'm driving! Auto pun auto la... ;p

Tg Aru – KK – Duvanson… my longest driving journey ever!! Goshhh… Bikin takut pun ada.. excited pun ada… That incident at Ketiau’s junction mmg bikin hilang semangat owh! Sikit lagiii tuuu… aduiii… Anyway, semua selamat! Phewww…

Selamat tiba di lokasi!

Immediately when Jue saw us, “bergambar” dia bilang! LOL!!

Jue's happy face!

It was a simple ceremony with red theme.

We were on pastel for our next agenda! Hiii...

Since most of them especially the ladies were in red, I guess only me and Tunung are the non-family members. Hahahha..

Ok, I let photos do the talking.. 

Telampau kambang & berat baitu gown kan.. 

"Yes I Do"

Ring session

With Jue's immediate family members

Us with the couple!

Us with Jue!

The photoshoot session before leaving the church
We waited until Jue left the church before we ‘rushed’ to fetch kakak besar, bilang c Stella… Kamu tau sepa kan?? Hihihihi…

To Be Continuee…


  1. Tunah gambar peace c Tunung bah, dua2 tangan dia berpeace owh kan haha!

    Sapa tu ah kakak besar? XDXD

    1. Hahahah... malu2 dia mau angkat tgn sblah dia... kikikiki..

  2. hi Just.Thanks for visiting my blog. I tried to link your blog to my website tapi mcm sy lupa sdh mcmna mo link.Next time when I figure it out ok.

  3. Auww tu last pica tu bah! Really so CUTE!!


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