Thursday, May 30, 2013

Medan Trip : Local simpack & Hotel Soechi International

Before I rant more bout the Hotel, here’s what happened upon arrival at the Polonia Airport, Medan.

I believe, our Guide, Pak Adam has been waiting for us for a while as our flight was delayed for almost an hour. So, we safely arrived in Medan at about 10pm local time.

I quickly approached him when I saw a man holding a paper stating “Group Ibu Just”! Hahahaha… I wished I had managed to snap it! Hmmm...

Our transport for this trip will be a mini-bus enuff for 18-seater. We were 10 all in total. 4 arrived earlier.
Dinner first, before check-in hotel.

Seriously, the foods there were just not my taste. We only touched 3 types of dishes. Surprisingly, the total bill was Rp370,000+++ (about RM120)??? We checked with Pak Adam. Pak Adam told us that the bill included their (guide, driver and asst driver’s meals) too. Pak Adam then returned Rp 70,000 to us. I have to take it as most of my friends showing ‘dark faces’. So, dinner cost us Rp50,000 (RM14++) per pax. Makan yg tiada2 ja pun… huhuuhhu..

Before heading to hotel, we purchased local simpack at the convenient shop next to the restaurant. The simpack – SIMPATI cost us Rp20,000 with Rp3,000 credit. We purchased additional top-up of Rp28,000. Well, we need data plan ok! Believe me, roaming will cost u a bomb!

For cheap-calling rate to Malaysia, you have to add 010176 in front the number you wanna dial. Eg 0192225555, you dial 0101760192225555. Memang murah! Boleh la gayut lama-lama. Seriously!

Hotel Soechi International Medan – our hotel for Nite 1 and Nite 3 in Medan.

Spacious room with complete amenities – slipper, kettle, instant drinks, toilet with bathtub, heater and hair-dryer, room-to-room calls, etc. (pretty standard stuff, you will know why I state all these later)

The hotel view - captured the next morning. Top pic taken at 6am local time and bottom pic after an hour.

The restaurant where we had our breakfast

The best part was the breakfast! The hotel offers variety foods for breakfast. Western foods as well as local foods.

The hotel!
Overall, we are satisfied with the hotel except the check-in process was quite slow thou’.

Wonder what had I spent with all these notes???
Stay tuned!

Ok.. journey begin as early as 7.30am on 24/5/13. *wink*

Oh btw, it's a girls' trip. My first ever girls' trip! When we first purchased the flight tix, Sept last yr, we were only 7pax, colleagues trip la konon. But then, I invited Tunung (check out her Part 1 Medan entry) along. Another kakak invited 4 of her friends to join along which made us 12 pax at first. However, kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan... the Kakak, who invited her friends been diagnosed with BCa. Hence, she has to undergo treatments. Another kakak also unable to join 2 days before departure due to some urgent matters. So, that made us 6pax + 4pax.
P/s : Happy Kaamatan to all sabahan specially those in Sabah


  1. Ko dpt snap the whole bus pula tu kan moi.. sia punya reflect lambat sbb tu selalu dpt ekor2 seja..haha

  2. Lorr, mahal makanannya Bu Just. Best info for other to travel in Medan. Hehe..
    Sa tidak dapat komen sana tempat sis Tunung.

  3. bulih tahan ba hotel kamu ni hehe...eii mahalnya for 3types of dishes ja

  4. makanan juga lah mahal...adui lah..
    funny sya rasa yg ko cakap "dark faces" tu hahaha

  5. Time d Bandung n Jakarta dulu saya puas hati ngan hotel but not the food. Foods d hotel OK but yg d restoran. Maknan padang style n sikit n the taste sometimes weird taste.


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