Friday, May 31, 2013


Day 2 – 24/5/13

We started our journey as early as 7.30am.

That's Pak Adam!

We will be going to Parapat, about 5hours from Medan city and thereafter cruise to Samosir Island.

macet.. macet.. (jem)
btw, sgt dekat jarak antara kereta! Phewww


We made 3 pit-stops before arriving Parapat.

8am : Pit-stops #1 - Gedung Batik & Telekung

Naa.. we just don’t have the mood to shop yet.

10.15am : Pit-stops #2 - Toilet-break (kikikiki)

11.30am : Pit-stops #3 - PATEN

Paten is famous with local snacks made from peanut with unique name such as teng teng, tung tung, tang tang, pong pong, etc. I bought 6 packs. Rp20,000 each (RM6++).

Journey continued...

1.30pm : First glimpse of Lake Toba. Excited sudah ni!

1.45pm : Arrival at Parapat. Lunch first!

Honestly, I really wanna skip lunch. Tapi, after kena pujuk… makan jg la.. nasi putih + kuah sikit + tempe ikan bilis! It was a package-meal, so I have to pay Rp45,000 (RM14++) for my lunch!

Me and Tunung also bought 2 pin-socket here. I brought mine but it only can connects to 1 device at 1 time. Hmmm.. The socket cost me Rp40,000 (RM12++).

Oh jangan la heran!
Parapat & Samosir Island are non-Muslim areas.


  1. Siok oh blog ko moi, I like!

  2. Byk sdh post ko sa termiss, busy btul time kaamatan ni hehe...
    Bah, nti ko share2 lah costing overall ah. Mcm sia pun mo pi medan ni hehe...


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