Friday, May 17, 2013

On Mother's Day 2013!

After the Pastel Gath, we (Tunung, Sis Mouren and I) went back to Promenade Apt for quick rest and shower.

We have plenty plans on mind for that nite. Unfortunately, hujan rintik-rintik pula! We were hesitated to go anywhere far coz worried it might rain heavily.

Before p mansau2..

So, we ended up mansau2 di Wawasan and CP! LOL

The next morning, we headed to Gaya Street after breaky with Stella’s leftover cake! Hihihihii..

The leftover cake!

Perasan tourist betul kami! Hahahaha

Gaya Street of coz!

Sempat lagi p Wisma Merdeka, Segama and KK Plaza lepas tu!

After check-out, hantar Kakak Besar balik rumah di Putatan then we straight away went to Jue’s wedding reception at Dewan Tun Fuad Stephen Donggongon Penampang.

Met Jess (blue top) at Jue's reception.
She was Jue's collegemate back in Perak.
My first and last time meeting her was 11yrs ago!

We still got time before flying back to KL at 8pm, so we decided to lepak2 di Tg Aru Beach!

Itu sunset jg la paling manang!

Overall, we had a wonderful Mother’s Day ever! Jarang2 dpt 'celebrate' with friends on this very day!

To my mom, nnt kita bake cheese cake aa.. Love you mommy! J


  1. Aww.. Your trip back to Sabah are meaningful this time kan.. dan betul betul macam tourist oh kamurang sis. Hehe ;p

  2. wow! all of u were having so much fun! can't wait for sis jue's wedding post.. :)

  3. tenkiu ye sbb sudi support..
    meh semak link uols dan nantikan keputusannya pada bila2 masa sahaja

  4. Haha, lucu tu gambar menghadap cermin.
    Ya bah, jarang dapat celebrate Mother's Day with kawan-kawan.
    Okay, next 'project' is under planning. Hopefully, sis Stella bulih join....hihihi!

  5. happy belated mother's day, sis. i wish i was there on the gath to meet u in person. ^^
    u, sis wyne & sis tunung are beautiful ladies ^^

  6. Ba moi, cepat atur trip lagi kita..haha!

  7. siok o kamu jalan2. wah congrats sama c jue..


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