Wednesday, May 08, 2013

PRU 13 : First time mengundi!

Halluuu... I'm back! Back to KL on Monday. Back to work yesterday. But too lazy to update blog! *sigh*

Glad everything is over! Dpt free tix pening kepala. Tidak dpt free tix pun pening kepala! Hahahaha...

Luckily my two kids pun being very angel during the departure, stay in KK and returning back to KL.

Let the pics do the talking la.. 

Flight departing at 5.45am on 2/5/13
We were there at the airport as early as 1am!
Despite sleepy, son still excited with the 'tv'!

3rd day in KK
Visiting aunt at Kg Kelatuan, Papar
(didn't managed to go there during CNY)

4th day - PRU13
Myself, bro, aunt and uncle casting vote at SRJK Hwa Shiong Putatan
Mom went back to kg (Kuala Penyu) with Rayyan.

Me and my bro don't even have to queue at Saluran 4 coz there were no one queueing.
We were done in only 5mins!
Somehow we have to wait for my aunt for about an hour.

Tunung in da house!
Going back KL the next day after voting

Whoever won, life goes on... We just want to live happily, peacefully and harmony.

Again, thanks to Sayang Kinabalu. It's NO SCAM! 

First out of 3 trips this month settled! Second trip on this coming Friday nite! Phewww...


  1. Wow, I was in Saluran 4 and I didn't have to queue juga. Less than 5mins siap sdh. Sia mengundi di SMK Kinarut.
    Yup, life goes on, yg penting hidup aman damai hehe...

  2. wahhh.. bestnye.. pulang ke kampung halaman untuk tunaikan tanggungjawab.. :) congrats to you too.. :) me also.. :)

  3. Saya kali ke 2 undi d saluran 3...itu ink d jari bikin kotor tu kertas undi kan..itulah yg saya dengar banyak kertas undi d kira rosak bcoz terkena ink...


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