Monday, May 13, 2013

Teasers ~ KK Trip

Alhamdulillah.. my solo trip went smoothly! Err well… not really solo coz Tunung was with me! Alaa.. balik KK ja pun! *wink*

Tunung and I went back to KK last Friday nite, right after work. The main purpose of the trip is to attend my besties, Jue’s wedding.

It was a short weekend trip. However, we enjoy ourselves to the max! Spending great time with blogger friends specially sis Mouren!

We've returned to KL last nite. I reached home at about 12.30midnite.  So, I only slept for about 5hours before wake up to work. Skali bangun pagi ni, itu masol2 sakit owh! Huhuhuhu...

Baa… Teasers dulu laa… masih malas2 ni hari... kikiki...

After the Yes-I-Do...
@ St Simon Church, Duvanson, Penampang

So sweet!!

The welcoming pic at Dewan Tun Fuad Stephen, Penampang

Stella and lil Gabriel in da house!

Thanks Stella for the yummy cake!
Leftover for our breakfast lagi tu! Hahahah

3 dara pinggitan yg perasan Japanese / Korean! LOL

D mana ka kami?? ;p

Will blog it out very soon!

Till then, happy monday!!


  1. Ada bukti kunun ah kamurang sampai di Tanjung Ary Beach hahaha!

    Crazy luv. I had a great weekend with you guys especially you la sis Just and sis Tunung. Nasib baik ada lagi lain kali ha ha ho ho!

    1. Hahahah... ini kali la ada lagi lain kali! Hahahahah


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