Friday, June 28, 2013

Flashback Friday #5

The off-white Vincci lace heel for my pre-wed photoshoot,  nikah & sanding. *wink*
I think the heel only costed me less than RM80.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday : Work Out

Jump Rope aka skipping
Do it 10 mins daily will burn 135 calories as well as sculpt your shoulder, chest, arms and legs.

My before-bed routine since last week!
The first day was hard. 10x ja lompat sdh begagar lutut! Hahahah!!
Now, I can skip for 50x nonstop. Break awhile before I continue till 150x!
Siok!! Kluar peluh!

Check here for how-to-jump-rope! *wink*

Monday, June 24, 2013

Butter Cheesecake

Jerebu sana jerebu sini owhhh… NO outdoor activity please..

So, I baked Butter Cheesecake yesterday! Mcm selalu.. inspired by Stella juga! *wink*

It was my bro buffday yesterday, but since he's not a cake lover, Butter Cheesecake will do la.. 

Recipe for my record.. hihihihi..


170g butter
125g cream cheese
200g castor sugar
4 eggs – I didn’t separate the white & yolks
210g flour
1 ½ tsp baking powder
2 tsp vanilla essence
A pinch of salt

Methods :

1. Preheat oven at 170’c.
2. Beat butter and cream cheese until creamy
3. Add in castor sugar and beat again.
4. Add in eggs, one at a time and beat until creamy
5. Fold in flour, vanilla essence, baking powder and salt and mix well
6. Pour batter into baking pan and bake at 170’c for about an hour or until cooked.

Glad the cake turns out well even tho' agak hangus sikit but it still tastes good! Itu hubby yg cakap... *wink* 

Till then... jgn lupa pakai mask kalau kluar rmh!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Online Window Shopping Baju Raya

Ramadhan is round the corner. Am currently ganti puasa. Baru la terhegeh2 mau ganti puasa kannnn… hmmm…

I know some even done with their shopping for Raya in advance! Naaaa… I haven’t done mine. Not even started yet.

So, this month end, we plan to shop for kids’ baju raya first. Theme for this yr?? Hmmm… Haven’t decided yet. Blue maybe. *wink*

Well, for sure it is kinda too late for tailoring my baju now. Readymade baju saja la this yearr. Jom ‘window shopping’ di Google. Hihihihi..

Zalora is actually one of the online stores that I’ll visit when it comes to online shopping. I bet most of you heard bout Zalora before rite. There were few times I browsed Zalora when I was busy hunting for Cheongsam and Pastel for Bloggers Gaths. *wink*

This round, cuci mata tgk baju kurung pula…

How bout u? Have u decided what to wear for Raya this year? Kebaya? Peplum??

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wordless Wednesday : Nuffnang


Lama tidak nampak BE/CPUV..

Sekali nampak ada 4!

Thanks Nuffnang! :D

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rayyan & Sport Day!

Well, the event was held on 19.5.13.

I was too busy last month and didn’t blog it out. Sorry son!


The event took place at Rayyan’s kindie compound. A simple 2-hours event. I was on the other hand pretty excited coz the kindie didn’t organize any Sport Day for them last year. I wonder how it would be.

Marched in
Rayyan holding red flags!

All four teams

Music instruments performance

Rayyan performed very well on that day. He was fast and quick to finish his games. However, most of his team members were quite slow. Alahahaiiii…

Rayyan in actions

Ryanna the great supporter of Rayyan! :D

Medal giving away session

Looking at the score board, we knew that Rayyan and the Red team got the last place. Green team was the Champion followed by Yellow and Blue team.

Rayyan with his medal
Bottom  middle : with his BFF I guess! Hahahaa
Bottom right : with Ms. Foo

It’s ok son! You are still the winner to us! *hugs*

Monday, June 17, 2013

Humble Father's Day!

Hari ni mood malas betul... Monday Blues la kot! Hmmm..

So how's your Father's Day celebration yesterday?? 

Hubby actually requested for Choc Cake, after considering our oven's condition... I 'baked' Oreo Cheesecake for him instead even though I knew that he is not a cheesey lover.. hihihhi... 

My humble Oreo Cheesecake

There was no proper cake cutting actually. I just took out the cake from the fridge and.. "Ok, jom makan.." LOL

Am just not used to celebrate Father's Day lah! Huhuhuu..

Noon, we went to the shop nearby and guess what... we saw a car with Captain America's painting. Apa lagi my kids... 

Captain America is one of Rayyan's fav hero!

p/s : ganti puasa minggu ni...

Friday, June 14, 2013

Trick Art Museum @ i-City

After penat mandi manda di Waterworld, we proceed to Trick Art Museum. This museum has really caught my attention when I first came across bout the museum from newspaper end of last year.

Take your time to enjoy all the hand-drawn trick arts at each level (2 levels) of the museum. 

Due to ramai org and kami pun sdh penat... anak2 pun lapar... So, we made it quick... 

Here are some of the photos...

Oh well... anak2 yg terlebih excited beposing!! Hahahahaa...

Hope to visit i-City again during night time.. coz I believe i-City sgt happening kalau malam!! *wink* 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

6th Wedversary @ Waterworld i-City

Good morning all!! I'm feeling better today even thou' ada mamai sikit.. maybe kesan antibiotic. Doc prescribed strong dose of antibiotic for me. Huhuhu...

Before the story get stale, I better post the entry asap. *wink*

Hubby and I had actually celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary recently, on 1.6.13. Sibuk mau kasi abis story psl Medan kan sebelum ni, so baru skrg post psl wed anniversary. Hahahaha...

Naaaa... No you-and-me-only special agenda. No candle lights dinner. No flower bouquet. No gifts. No I-love-you-tonite!! LOL

BUT, we had a great time at i-City, Shah Alam with our kids! *wink*

It was a last minutes plan actually. I bought voucher from Groupon 3 days before 1.6.13. Ngam2 kena Saturday. So yaa... why not kan?!

Enjoy the photos ja la k...

What a sunny day @ 11.30am..
Hubby queued up for 1 hour here... 

Nasib baik ada TER-bawa payung!
Eh kami tunggu di tempat teduh..

Lockers & washroom area
Locker penuh!! So, no locker for us!
Baru masuk kolam!

Itu sumandak takut air pula!! Haishhh...

Daddy kasi warm-up itu sumandak!

Anak2 bilang... "ada kami kesah??!!"
Look at them...

three of us

Rayyan's fav! Spot him??

Pindah pool...

The only family pic
C hubby pakai spec sbb dia tidak berendam sudah d sini..

Well, that's the only pools we explored. The rest are just not suit for the kids. Takkan la pula kami kasi tinggal ni 2 org anak kan... eventhou' itu Tornado (below pic) memanggil2 kami.. Must have 4 person to ride this! Next time la... 

Btw, the voucher cost me RM109 for 2 adults and 2 children package to enter Waterworld and Trick Art Museum  (for weekend/PH/school hols admission). Weekdays admission only RM80!! Hmm.. its ok la.. Yg penting, anak2 enjoy. For info, normal entrance rate for Waterworld is RM40 (adult) / RM30 (children) and RM5 for Trick Art Museum. 

My mom?? We gave her a rest at home. She really needs quality rest. Besides, she was not feeling well that day, in fact that last few days. Poor mom!

After 3 hours ber-sunburn, we proceed to Trick Art Museum... next entry ok...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - MC

3 hari on-off demam, last2 ptg smlm before blk ofis, p jumpa doctor panel. Demam 38degree time tu. Doc pun pelik mcmana saya boleh bertahan selama 3 hari. Tekak pun bengkak. Doc bekalkan 5 jenis ubat! Nasib baik la saya jenis tidak susah makan ubat. Dan dapat advanced MC utk hari ni! So, hari ni rehat di rumah saja. :)

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Friday, June 07, 2013


OK... semua sdh tidak sabar mau tingu apa yg saya pajak dari Medan kan...

Hasil borongan di PATEN
Ada baaaannyakkk jenis tp I bought 3 types only. 2 packets each.
Rp20,000/packet (RM6++)

Lapis Legit Rp75,000/box (RM23++)
Pak Adam order siap2 minta kedai hntr terus p airport
Bika Ambon pun famous juga di Medan, tp saya tidak beli

Mmm.. this one... sepatutnya kami order Amanda Brownies.
Tapi, apa ni???!! Just a normal choc cake!! Haiya!!! Sdh la rasa pun biasa2 ja!!
Rp60,000 (RM18++)

1. Tee for  mom. Beli di Kg Ambarita Rp20,000 (RM6++) Murah kan?? Menyesal!!
2. Tee for kids. Beli di Pajak Ikan. Rp30,000/set (RM9++)
3. Tee for hubby, bro and myself. Beli di Pajak Ikan.
Harga tee ikut size. Rp35,000/pc (RM10++) for M & L. XL @ Rp40,000 (RM12++)
Harga tee ikut kualiti juga. Yg saya beli kain cotton. 

Telekung & kain pelikat tu beli di Pajak Ikan
1. Telekung Rp90,000 (RM28++)
2. Kain pelikat Rp40,000 (RM12++)

FM mana boleh lupa!

1. FM rubber. Beli di Kg Ambarita, Sipiso-Piso Waterfall & Berastagi.
Harga standard Rp10,000/pc (RM3++).
Yg di Berastagi dapat harga Rp8,500/pc (RM2++) sbb beli bnyk - share beli.
Ada member dapat harga RM5 for 2 pcs di Kg Ambarita.

2. FM - low quality - ringan - beli di Pajak Ikan.
Rp150,000 for 2 packets of 10pcs each. 3 org share beli.
So Rp50,000 (RM15++) per person. Sorang dpt 6-7pcs.

Actually, plan beli keychain. Tp mostly keychain berasaskan kayu. Ada terbaca entry blogger yg tidak menggalakkan kita beli anything berasaskan kayu atas unsur2 mistik. So, no keychain!

So that's all! Actually, tidak juga banyak yg dipajak kannn..

Total damage cost for Medan Trip :

Credits to Diana Teo for the travel expenses table idea.

Overall, I did an excellent budget. No over spending! Yg bikin lari bajet, foods. I only budgeted RM10/meal. Tapi, still ok la sbb we had maggie for 2 dinners. So, still tidak lari bajet la. Some listed items yg tidak terbeli kena ganti sama barang lain. Hihihihi.. I changed RM400 to get Rupiah 1,270,000. 1 juta okeh! As you can see above... I spent every single rupiah. Owh.. I did bring back some rupiah-coins tho'. *wink*

One more thing, pls get ready your currency table for easy ref!

Siap laminate ok! Hahahah!

Happy traveling and shopping!! *wink*

Thursday, June 06, 2013


Day 4 : 26/5/13 (last day)

This shud be my last entry babbling bout places in Medan. Will still rant bout shopping stuff, perhaps some tips too aaaand money matters.. Semua tggu part ni kan…*wink*

Our last day mission is shopping sampai lebam!! Kikikiki…

Pak Adam fetched us at 10am and brought us to this one shop where he claimed that most of the shops at Pajak Ikan get their telekungs’ supplies from this shop.

Non that meets my budget here. So, some of us just wait inside the bus. Btw, we bought FM and purse from those guys at the shop entrance.

Next, Pajak Ikan. No, you don’t look for fishes here. It’s a street name.

Pajak Ikan

Shopping telekung sini. Rp90,000 (RM28++) per set. I think it range about RM50++ in KL.
Kain lace pun murah sini!

Hasil borongan yg pertama!
Hntr p bas dulu! 

Shopping t-shirt dr mamat tu pula
Seriously, harga tee di Samosir lagi murah tp kalau mau beli baju "Medan" mmg kena beli d city la
Tapi mmg betul2 memajak la di sini. Buy more to get more discounts la. Standard la tu kan…
Will disclose all shopping stuff in separate entry ya.

Paling "kenyang" makan di sini!! Ngam sama tekak! 

Group pic with Pak Adam

Next, lunch at Ayam Penyet, sponsored by the tour agent. They feel bad at some of their services, one of them was slow hotel check in process even thou they have contacted the hotel before our arrival.

Istana Maimun

At first, we purposely requested to skip Istana Maimun & Mesjid Raya – the famous landmarks of Medan city. Ada ka patut kan?! Coz we wanna save time to wander at one of the shopping mall – Sun Plaza. However, after shopping gila-gila di Pajak Ikan, we were already running out of rupiah… hahahah… So, plan changed. We made quick stop at both landmarks for quick photo sessions. Jgn menyesal kemudian hari! Hhihihihi…

Mesjid Raya

Since we were quite rushing, Pak Adam had helped each and everyone of us to order for Bika Ambon, Kek Lapis Legit & Amanda Brownies, specialty cakes of Medan, to be sent direct to the airport.

"Board ucapan"

Polonia Airport
I wish I had managed to capture better angle!
We reached airport 2 hours before departure and flying back to KL at 5.30pm.

Bye-bye Medan!! It was such a great experience! Having great time with girlfriends & anty-colleagues! Hihihihhihi…