Thursday, June 13, 2013

6th Wedversary @ Waterworld i-City

Good morning all!! I'm feeling better today even thou' ada mamai sikit.. maybe kesan antibiotic. Doc prescribed strong dose of antibiotic for me. Huhuhu...

Before the story get stale, I better post the entry asap. *wink*

Hubby and I had actually celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary recently, on 1.6.13. Sibuk mau kasi abis story psl Medan kan sebelum ni, so baru skrg post psl wed anniversary. Hahahaha...

Naaaa... No you-and-me-only special agenda. No candle lights dinner. No flower bouquet. No gifts. No I-love-you-tonite!! LOL

BUT, we had a great time at i-City, Shah Alam with our kids! *wink*

It was a last minutes plan actually. I bought voucher from Groupon 3 days before 1.6.13. Ngam2 kena Saturday. So yaa... why not kan?!

Enjoy the photos ja la k...

What a sunny day @ 11.30am..
Hubby queued up for 1 hour here... 

Nasib baik ada TER-bawa payung!
Eh kami tunggu di tempat teduh..

Lockers & washroom area
Locker penuh!! So, no locker for us!
Baru masuk kolam!

Itu sumandak takut air pula!! Haishhh...

Daddy kasi warm-up itu sumandak!

Anak2 bilang... "ada kami kesah??!!"
Look at them...

three of us

Rayyan's fav! Spot him??

Pindah pool...

The only family pic
C hubby pakai spec sbb dia tidak berendam sudah d sini..

Well, that's the only pools we explored. The rest are just not suit for the kids. Takkan la pula kami kasi tinggal ni 2 org anak kan... eventhou' itu Tornado (below pic) memanggil2 kami.. Must have 4 person to ride this! Next time la... 

Btw, the voucher cost me RM109 for 2 adults and 2 children package to enter Waterworld and Trick Art Museum  (for weekend/PH/school hols admission). Weekdays admission only RM80!! Hmm.. its ok la.. Yg penting, anak2 enjoy. For info, normal entrance rate for Waterworld is RM40 (adult) / RM30 (children) and RM5 for Trick Art Museum. 

My mom?? We gave her a rest at home. She really needs quality rest. Besides, she was not feeling well that day, in fact that last few days. Poor mom!

After 3 hours ber-sunburn, we proceed to Trick Art Museum... next entry ok...


  1. siok oo saya tengo kamu orang tapi macam terlampau ramai tu orang dalam kolam kan...huhu

    1. ya ba mia.. ramai betul!! tp tepa la.. janji tu budak2 happy... :D

  2. sioknya tgk kamu bermain air. sya belum pernah p sana oh..teringin juga sya p sana. ya mmg gitu selalunya mesti weekdays lg murah x apa la just, bkn selalu kan hihi

    1. ngam2 sy pun lama nda main air! hahahaah!! Ko main ais dulu la... oppsss!!

  3. Wow siok oh kan :) bah happy wedanniversay to both of you :) time2 panas begini siok kan berendam :) mengkali itu lah tuh sbb kau demam moi :p siok bah your kids enjoying themselves with mom and dad what more can they ask for :)

    1. Thanks moy! ya siok betul berendam time panas. pastu sunburn!! huhuhuhu...

  4. Waa..Enjoy oo kan..Mau pi lah nie nanti may be on Nov...See u Just...Btw, happy wedanniversay...


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