Monday, June 17, 2013

Humble Father's Day!

Hari ni mood malas betul... Monday Blues la kot! Hmmm..

So how's your Father's Day celebration yesterday?? 

Hubby actually requested for Choc Cake, after considering our oven's condition... I 'baked' Oreo Cheesecake for him instead even though I knew that he is not a cheesey lover.. hihihhi... 

My humble Oreo Cheesecake

There was no proper cake cutting actually. I just took out the cake from the fridge and.. "Ok, jom makan.." LOL

Am just not used to celebrate Father's Day lah! Huhuhuu..

Noon, we went to the shop nearby and guess what... we saw a car with Captain America's painting. Apa lagi my kids... 

Captain America is one of Rayyan's fav hero!

p/s : ganti puasa minggu ni...


  1. whooaaa your two kids paling manang posing hahaha
    Sa pula tahap Monday grey ni Just.. kalah ko hahahaha

    1. ya ba.. ingatkan dorang mau bediri tegak sana.. skali berposing pula dorang. adeiii! Grey ok lg ba.. jgn ja black! hahahaha...

  2. lawak juga anak2 kau ni just

    1. hahahaah... terrer betul beposing! ;p

  3. waa...Oreo Cheesecake for Father's day... Happy Father's day to Asai...:-)


You're 'bout to corner... ;p