Thursday, June 06, 2013


Day 3 : 25/5/13

The 2 hours drive to Berastagi was as bad as journey to Sipiso-Piso Waterfall! Macet (jammed) made things worst! *sigh*

4.15pm arrival at Berastagi.

Berastagi has cool climate.. ala-ala Kundasang, Sabah / Cameron Highlands. Also known as fruit (& vegetables) market. Marquisa probably the most famous fruit here.

Top right : cucumber family. forgot the exact name
Bottom left : pisang kaki

BTW, the standard tour packages usually inclusive of 1 nite stay at Berastagi. Due to our timing, we rather overnite at Medan city instead.

We supposed to visit Gundaling Hill at Berastagi, unfortunately we have to skipped that too due to ‘dark-sky’. It was raining drizzly actually when we proceed to Medan city. Some more, it was macet all da way down hill. *sigh*

It could be because of weekend + Wesak Day. Hurmmm…

Btw, I bought FMs (FMs lagi?!) and pouch here..

From Berastagi to Medan city estimate 3 hours journey dragged to... i think 5 hours due to 3km-macet!! Ada pokok tumbang!! It seems like forever for us to reach Medan city!! Goshh... Macam cacing kepanasan sdh kami dalam bas!! Wuarghhhh…

Blurr pula!
Back seats conquered by yours truly! ;p

Knowing that we won't be enjoying our dinner at any restaurant coz we were all tired to dead... we requested to stop by at any 24-hours store (Indo Maret) for some maggie-buns before check-in to hotel! 

Finally, we arrived Soechi International Hotel at about 10.30pm!!!  


  1. Woww... bestnya.. mo mlancong juga tp tgu anak bsar skit dulu la

    1. kalau big city, buli jg kali bw anak. tp klau tmpt yg adventurous/long journey, nda ngam la..

  2. Siook oo melancong dengan kawan2...:D


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