Monday, June 03, 2013


Fast fact bout Lake Toba :

The small areas that we have visited

Lake Toba is the site of a massive supervolcanic eruption estimated at VEI (Volcanic Explosivity Index) 8 that occurred 69,000 to 77,000 years ago, representing a climate-changing event. It is the largest known explosive eruption on Earth in the last 25 million years.

Still on Day 2 24/5/13

3pm, cruise to Samosir Island via Tigaraja Jetty, Parapat .

KG AMBARITA – Stone Chair Village

After about 45mins, we arrived at Kg. Ambarita - an ancient Batak tribal village ruled by King Siallagan where Toba Batak people practised a form of carnibalism.  Phewww…

Ancient Batak village where there is a row of traditional Toba Batak houses

The stone chairs of Ambarita where tribal elders held council  if someone got caught committing crimes.

Place of execution
Be headed is one of the capital punishment
They will refer to their calendar (bottom left pic) for Execution date

Managed to grab 1 tee for my mom here, and also FM! Regret that I didn’t buy more tee over here! *sigh*

Actually, me and Tunung were ‘chased away’ by those ‘friendly’ shop owners. The other shop owners jealous coz we all only stop and shop at one shop. Dorang ckp ‘bahagi2’ la. Hmmm… Kinda forcing us to buy something from them. Sampai tarik2 lg tu.. aduiii…


Entrance of Kg Tomok

4.30pm, we cruised again to the other side and arrived at Kg. Tomok after 20mins.

King Sidabutar's old tombs

Kg Tomok is famous with King Sidabutar’s old tombs, the ancient ruling clan of Kg Tomok. These tombs were made from carving stone for hundreds of years. Btw, he was not buried in the stone tomb but on the ground.

We made it quick here coz it was going to rain. So sad we didn’t manage to buy anything here. Padahal, di sini la patut shopping as advice by other bloggers! *sigh*

6.30pm, finally, we reached our hotel – Samosir Villa Resort, Tuk Tuk, about 10mins from Kg Tomok. It was raining the moment we arrived the hotel. Phewww..

At nite, we had Maggie (brought all the way from Msia) for dinner! We tot of jalan2 di luar tapi hujan! So, rest and zzzz...

To be continued…


  1. cantik2 gmbr Just :)
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  2. Stel, ya.. Having great time wif gurl+ women friends! Hehhehehe


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