Thursday, June 06, 2013


Day 4 : 26/5/13 (last day)

This shud be my last entry babbling bout places in Medan. Will still rant bout shopping stuff, perhaps some tips too aaaand money matters.. Semua tggu part ni kan…*wink*

Our last day mission is shopping sampai lebam!! Kikikiki…

Pak Adam fetched us at 10am and brought us to this one shop where he claimed that most of the shops at Pajak Ikan get their telekungs’ supplies from this shop.

Non that meets my budget here. So, some of us just wait inside the bus. Btw, we bought FM and purse from those guys at the shop entrance.

Next, Pajak Ikan. No, you don’t look for fishes here. It’s a street name.

Pajak Ikan

Shopping telekung sini. Rp90,000 (RM28++) per set. I think it range about RM50++ in KL.
Kain lace pun murah sini!

Hasil borongan yg pertama!
Hntr p bas dulu! 

Shopping t-shirt dr mamat tu pula
Seriously, harga tee di Samosir lagi murah tp kalau mau beli baju "Medan" mmg kena beli d city la
Tapi mmg betul2 memajak la di sini. Buy more to get more discounts la. Standard la tu kan…
Will disclose all shopping stuff in separate entry ya.

Paling "kenyang" makan di sini!! Ngam sama tekak! 

Group pic with Pak Adam

Next, lunch at Ayam Penyet, sponsored by the tour agent. They feel bad at some of their services, one of them was slow hotel check in process even thou they have contacted the hotel before our arrival.

Istana Maimun

At first, we purposely requested to skip Istana Maimun & Mesjid Raya – the famous landmarks of Medan city. Ada ka patut kan?! Coz we wanna save time to wander at one of the shopping mall – Sun Plaza. However, after shopping gila-gila di Pajak Ikan, we were already running out of rupiah… hahahah… So, plan changed. We made quick stop at both landmarks for quick photo sessions. Jgn menyesal kemudian hari! Hhihihihi…

Mesjid Raya

Since we were quite rushing, Pak Adam had helped each and everyone of us to order for Bika Ambon, Kek Lapis Legit & Amanda Brownies, specialty cakes of Medan, to be sent direct to the airport.

"Board ucapan"

Polonia Airport
I wish I had managed to capture better angle!
We reached airport 2 hours before departure and flying back to KL at 5.30pm.

Bye-bye Medan!! It was such a great experience! Having great time with girlfriends & anty-colleagues! Hihihihhihi…


  1. Like me..mau juga try to skip this and that during tour gara-gara shopping complex..hmmmm woman oh woman hahahaha

    1. Hahahaha... nasib baik rupiah abis.. kalau nda, mana mau stop! hahahaha

  2. Hihi..Mesti banyak yang ko borong sana kan Just...:-)

  3. Lol! i thought btul2 kamu memajak ikan haha...bah smpai dua org ah pigang tu plastik hasil borongan hihi

    1. borong 10 telekung apa nda! hahahahaa


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