Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Day 3 : 25/5/13

9.45am – arriving Ajibata jetty, Parapat

better than the crowded Tigaraja Jetty 

Journey back to Medan will takes approx 7 hours according to Pak Adam, besides there will be 3 pit stops. 7 hours?????? Oh boy!!!

The fish-building has been abandoned for more than 10 yrs.
The building supposed for sightseeing pit stop with telescopes facilities

Bumpy road all the way! *sigh* However, we enjoyed the view so much. After 2nd pit stop, we won’t be able to view Lake Toba anymore.

11.30am - 1st pit stop : SIMARJARUNJUNG

Pic source : here

Pak Adam advised us to have our lunch here coz the next pit stop will be another 3 hours. The lunch cost us Rp65,000 (RM20++) per pax. Pak Adam has actually called up the restaurant and pre-ordered our lunch.

Bottom left : pisang goreng
Bottom right : the ingredients for teh halia

MUST TRY here are pisang goreng & teh halia. We only tried the pisang goreng. Biasa-biasa saja pun. Teh halia?? Naa.. no thanks..

2nd pit stop next…

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